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"The Path of Misery" Press Conference
Posted by Norsefire on Nov 05 2011
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A press conference was held in Mexico on Nov 2 for Marilyn Manson's latest art exhibition The Path of Misery.
Manson discussed his art work and how he uses both music and painting to express himself.
On the subject of the exhibition title The Path of Misery Manson revealed that in the trailer for the new album Born Villain the song that accompanies it is called Overneath The Path Of Misery.

Watch the video from the press conference below:

Thanks to M1sheal on Babalon for the video link.

Marilyn Manson also opened his exhibition on Nov 3, to view photographs from the opening night and the press conference visit who've put up a good selection in their photo gallery.

For more information on the The Path of Misery Exhibition visit


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