SEPTEMBER 11. 1969
OCTOBER 8. 2008

"Ministry's Stigmata came on and the Goths and psuedo-punks stopped dancing and started violently slamming. Much of the commotion was instigated by an effeminate, Crispin Glover-looking guy with purple hair, a mini-skirt and a leopard-skin leotard. He would eventually become our second bassist."
Marilyn Manson, 1998

Of all the stories in the Marilyn Manson timeline, the most saddening is perhaps that of the band's first true bassist, Gidget Gein.

A mere twenty years old (the same age as Manson) when he joined the Spooky Kids in 1989, Gein was a peculiar, scatter-brained sort of character, and his early performances were characterised by an assortment of garish clothing, the playground bass that would trademark the band's sound on Portrait Of An American Family, and a kooky, multi-coloured demeanour. As is well documented in the first half of Manson's biography, Gein would become a serious heroin addict in the few years following their initial formation, seemingly as a result of his own addictive personality and evident insecurities. Nonetheless, his drug use was draining on the band, and he was frequently unreliable and incommunicable as part of a properly functioning rock and roll band.

As the drug use overtook his ability to be a friend and bandmate to the other Spooky Kids, and following several overdoses, he was dropped from the band after five years working with them, and having completed recording his parts for the band's first professional studio album, the aforementioned Portrait Of An American Family. Twiggy Ramirez would take his place, as an equally, if not more deranged bass guitarist, but without the potential impending doom of an early grave hanging over his head. Gein's parts were credited, but for the album's artwork, and for their first professional tour in support of the record, Ramirez was featured.

Perhaps a story of somewhat diminishing returns, Gein did eventually manage to cease his use of heroin, and reportedly (though not confirmed), proceeded to stay clean from the drug for a space of at least nine years. Endearingly so in some senses, he also pursued a career as both artist and musician. His music came in the form of the Dali Gaggers (sometimes referred to as Gidget Gein and the Dali Gaggers), a collaboration between he and musician Al B. Romano (more often cited as Al B. Damned). The project originated in New York, a place where Gein allegedly succumbed further to his addictions, forcing a later relocation to his native Hollywood (re-christened 'Gollywood'). The Dali Gaggers released one album only, titled Confessions Of A Spooky Kid. The music was a step away from his work in Marilyn Manson, demonstrating a more high octane leaning in some cases, and notably experimental in others. The latter can definitely be attributed to the music Gein produced under his own name only, much of which can be currently heard on his existing MySpace page. Artistically, when in Gollywood Gein aligned himself with an array of counter-culture freaks, weirdos, transsexuals and the knowingly ironic UNPOP Art movement, which features figures such as Boyd Rice (early mentor of Marilyn Manson and performer with NON and Death In June) among its members. Some factions of Manson fandom were quick to try and relate Gein's work to Manson's, some of his creations having similar thematic to the tone and presentation of The Golden Age Of Grotesque era of Manson's career. That said, whilst it is not unlikely that two people formerly sharing a creative relationship might have similar influences and ideas, Gein's work showed fervour, passion and (as is evident in watching footage of him discussing it) a level of personal vested energy which was infectious and even childlike at times.

Any continued rumours of an insurpassable rift between Manson and Gein were quashed in 2003, when Manson and Asia Argento filmed the no-holds-barred, x-rated video for (s)AINT, during which Gein is seen entering either Manson's house or a hotel room (undisclosed), dressed in drag, after which point he proceeds to ply Manson with syringe administered narcotics. Gein's autobiographical artwork In Case Of Emergency Break Heart, a composite sculpture featuring drug paraphernalia was also featured as part of the video's aesthetic. The irony, the audience supposes, is that in the video, Manson is seen in various states of physical, sexual, emotional, and drug-induced weakness, and in opposition to his history within Marilyn Manson, Gein is resolutely bemused, alert, and almost mocking of Manson.

Gein continued to self-promote and work as an artist despite personal battles and financial issues over the years. He was for a time, a regular poster at his own message boards, and a frequent communicator with his fans on MySpace. Working with independent director and friend, Ramzi Abed, Gein also acted as Detective Mourir in a film called The Devil's Muse in 2007.

Noted firstly by the appearance of a Spooky Kids era image of Gein, with "R.I.P." underneath, on Goon Moon's MySpace page, it was slowly announced that Gidget Gein passed away as the result of a heroin relapse and subsequent overdose on the evening of October 8th, 2008, aged 39. Though residing in a friend's property, he was discovered alone the following day, and it was understod he had died alone also. No further details of the incident were confirmed fully by authorities, but there were numerous speculative reports, some suggesting that Marilyn Manson had been in frequent contact with him and was paying for drug therapy, others citing that Gein had become financially destitute and desperate, though most focused upon and lamented the fact that he was in talks to create a Television show, and have a major exhibition of his work debuted in Gollywood.

Posthumously, Gein is remembered hopefully as an artist first and foremost, and in accordance with his wishes, his work was finally given an exhibition unveiling on July 24th, 2009, entitled 'Post Mortem'.


Gender. Male
Born. Bradley Anne Stewart, Florida [USA]
Birth Date. 11.09.1969
Death Date. 08.10.2008



Position. Songwriter Bass Guitarist Live Bass Guitarist

Instrument. Bass Guitar