Arguably the member of Marilyn Manson whose performance persona and actual persona are the hardest to separate, until 2007 Madonna Wayne Gacy was one of the longest serving units of the band.

Stephen Bier was born to a Jewish father and Catholic mother - [although his clothing choices and image were occasionally misjudged as Neo-Nazi in the mid-nineties, which he vehemently denied: "People look at me and say 'Hes got a bald head, hes a Nazi. I saw it on Oprah, I know.' " - Seconds '94] - At an early age Biers was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, making him naturally hyperactive. His parents treated him with Ritalin, a drug commonly prescribed for people suffering from ADD. After their initial meeting, Manson pointed out that "he often turned into a babbling blur that was dizzying to watch" - The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell

Though he was technically not in the first incarnation of Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, he is considered by many to be a founding member, on account of him being the first person Manson discussed starting a band with, and who seemed to understand what Manson wanted to achieve the most. It was only a resolutely short space of time before Bier would purchase a keyboard and start contributing musically and aesthetically to the band, even to the degree that before adding music, he would often sit on the floor space of the stage, playing with toy soldiers as part of the performance art approach that Manson envisioned for live shows.

Upon replacing temporary first keyboardist Zsa Zsa Speck, Bier was not exactly adept, but quickly displayed notable inventiveness, imagination, and an ability to create rich, esoteric soundscapes that would become synonymous with Marilyn Manson over the years. His new moniker was Madonna Wayne Gacy, comprising the Virgin Mother, or pop icon, whichever seems most appropriate, and the surname of John Wayne Gacy, the "Clown Killer" who lured young boys into his home and murdered them there, concealing the bodies. John Wayne Gacy was tried, convicted, and later executed for the muder of 33 boys in total. Ironcally perhaps, Wayne Gacy had been a well loved community member and child entertainer, performing as Pogo The Clown at children's parties. The nick name Pogo was also bestowed onto Madonna Wayne Gacy, matching the description Manson gave of their first encounter, referring to Bier as a maniacal "laughing boy". Although listed as Madonna Wayne Gacy or MW Gacy in album liner notes, he was more often referred to as Pogo by both band members and fans alike.

Despite cutting an imposing figure, Gacy was never overtly vocal or revealing about himself. Very little was ever mentioned about his personal life besides the fact that he was characteristically unpredictable, and whether by default or design, managed to bridge the fine line between genius and lunatic perfectly. It has been noted by Manson that prior to joining the band, he was offered a job working for NASA, and although attributed more often to Manson's fondness for the subjects, it was Pogo's equal fascination with science, mathematics, numerology and Kabbalah that were incorporated into the thematic of albums like Antichrist Superstar and Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death).

Though it was less notable at the time of occurence, Gacy's role in the band became much less stable following the release of The Golden Age Of Grotesque, his signature atmospheric synths and keys seeming less and less evident. He continued to tour and adapt to visuals and themes as they were developed, but as Manson seemed to grow more introspective and focused on other areas of media following Lest We Forget and the Against All Gods tour, the feeling of there being a unified band decreased further, which had been building since the departure of John 5 at the close of the Grotesk Burlesk tour in 2004.

Though he would appear on keyboards for the televised performance of This Is Halloween on the Jay Leno show in 2006, it has been reported that communication between Manson and Gacy at this stage was becoming strained. This would be his last performance and known public association with Marilyn Manson in any form. Following this date, Marilyn Manson would be divorced by Dita Von Teese, and despite bowing out from music somewhat in 2006, Manson returned with EAT ME, DRINK ME in 2007, which was the first Manson record since Portrait Of An American Family in 1994 not to feature any content or contribution from Gacy. Since this time, Manson described in an interview with former Manson resource site MansonUSA, how Gacy had failed to take part in the band during this period, to the degree that he would not return phone calls, which Manson stated that he knew to be deliberate, as he claimed responsibility for paying for Gacy's phone bills, and was therefore aware of whether there was a problem with his line.

Sadly, and to the detriment of their former artistic relationship, the severed friendship between Manson and Bier has resulted in a rather lengthy, and as this is written, unresolved court battle between the two men, following Bier's decision to sue Manson for monetary deficits, claiming that Manson used band funds to pay for his own personal extravagances. The court case has featured dubious claims in some cases, and has resulted in Manson counter-suing Bier after claims that he refused and was unwilling to fulfill his contracted band duties, including musical rehearsals and the production of band merchandise. The case is allegedly set to meet resolution in December of 2009.

Since his departure, Bier has not been active musically. There were rumours he would be collaborating woth former Manson guitarist Scott Putesky (Daisy Berkowitz) on an unnamed project, despite Bier being part of the Manson lineup that Putesky sued in 1998. His last public appearance was at a memorial function for Gidget Gein, in July of 2009.


Gender. Male
Born. Stephen Bier Jnr, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida [USA]
Birth Date. 06.03.1964



Instrument. Keyboards Percussion Programming