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  1. Bras and panties for men
  2. Philip Seymour Hoffman dies of Overdose
  3. Oldest Holocaust Survivor Dies, WWII-Level Army Troop Reductions Beginning
  4. Fred Phelps is Dead
  5. Jewish aliens stole the missing plane
  6. David Brockie Dies
  7. Modeling, monkeys and Marilyn Manson: The world of Alix Catherine Tichelman
  8. Stephen Speilberg in dangerous territory after poaching a real dinosaur
  9. Deep shock over Ukraine plane crash
  10. JIBO: The World's First Family Robot
  11. 9.11
  12. Orange County FL proposes and protests to handhout satanic activity work books
  13. Emma Watson's Feminism speech in UN..
  14. Emma Ferrer, Audrey Hepburn lives on.
  15. 80 year old Charles Manson to marry 26 year old
  16. The Interview
  17. They lost an entire motherfuckin' plane...again.
  18. Random American stupidity.
  19. Gooodbye, Internet - The leap Second.
  20. Swedish children TV - dancing genitals
  21. I am shocked and appalled and disgusted....and...and...
  22. The Cure for Cancer is baking soda and water.
  23. Large Hadron Collider about to Kick Out the Jams'
  24. Hillary Clinton: I'm running for president!
  25. Censorship & Gender Equality
  26. Interview: 'Party Monster' Michael Alig
  27. American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh on Operation Neptune Spear'
  28. Mexico takes first step towards marijuana legalization
  29. Parisian Terror Attack
  30. The state of Michigan just made it illegal to be Gay.
  31. Microsoft Creates AI Bot – Internet Immediately Turns it Racist
  32. Hitler was Right! He's like the Nostradamus!
  33. The Führer of the American Nazi Party endorses Trump
  34. Pet Killers
  35. School shooting in Monterrey, México
  36. Elon Musk: "A Universal Basic Income is going to be necessary."
  37. Welcome to the age of eugenic employment
  38. More than 3,500 retail stores to close in the United States this year.
  39. TrumpTrade: no changes from status quo
  40. /POL/ of the Chan forums
  41. Trump: "I'm a globalist".
  42. Bernie Sanders' wife accused of bank fraud
  43. "Russiagate": a Marxist analysis
  44. The Clintons Had Slaves
  45. Guilty Of Being Weird
  46. Prominent Democratic fundraisers realign to lobby for Trump's agenda
  47. Idiot Trinity Professor Says That White People Can Die; Costs School a Fortune
  48. This isn't a joke - SC emergency management concerns over Aug.21 Lizardmen
  49. Sandy Hook: Case against Newtown
  50. Was Dr.Suess a racist? A lot seem to think so now.