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  1. Interesting Flu Vaccination Side-Effect
  2. Brittany Murphy Dies at Age 32
  3. Woman knocks Pope down at Mass
  4. Hole to another universe found.
  5. Zelda Rubinstein Off Life Support
  6. 4 Year Old Survived Being Crushed By 2 Escalators!
  7. "The beautiful people, the beautiful people..."
  8. Why are these people even allowed to broadcast their "news"?
  9. VICTORY : NJ Legislature approves bill to make state 14th with medical marijuana
  10. Cancer-stricken Dennis Hopper divorces wife, is on his death bed
  11. Girl accidentally strangles herself dancing to Lady GaGa.
  12. World's Second Man to Give Birth Next Month
  13. Banker caught viewing erotic images on national television
  14. Arab marries veiled woman, finds out she has a beard and is cross-eyed.
  15. It's snowmagodamblizzardfuckingeddon.
  16. Guards watch as girl is beaten
  17. Alexander McQueen commits suicide
  18. Killer Whale Kills Again
  19. Expensive taste?
  20. Journey time to Mars drastically reduced
  21. Close North Korea's Concentration Camps!
  22. Old Chinese lady gets horny.
  23. MULE KICKS ASS! (or cougar)
  24. This is why they earn the name Gooks. Warning - animals being skinned... alive.
  25. Woman aims to become the world's fattest.
  26. I'm suprised that some of you Aussiroo's haven't mentioned this...
  27. WTF is it with China?
  28. Black Sheep in the family?
  29. Strange animal captured in China
  30. 2 Women 'tried to sneak corpse onto plane'
  31. Lorry pushes car down the motorway [video]
  32. Russian girl cooked and eaten by cannibals
  33. Polish President is Dead
  34. Petition to have The Pope arrested
  35. British Election
  36. Sarah Palin demands to know why Obama hasn't threatened violence on Eyjafjallajokull.
  37. Has Noah's Ark Been Found on Turkish Mountaintop?
  38. Man 'hasn't eaten, drunk in 70 years'
  39. *Important! The American Society for Velociraptor Attack Prevention
  40. Sunburnt baby 'seriously injured'
  41. 'Artificial life' breakthrough announced by scientists
  42. Fighter 'gouges friend's heart, eyeball out'
  43. Teen Werewolves
  44. Gunman's rampage leaves 12 dead
  45. 'Grim eater' banned from funerals
  46. Teen gets plastic surgery 'to feel young again'
  47. German student attacks Hell's Angels with puppy?! HOLY SHIT!
  48. Julia Gillard is Australia's new Prime Minister.
  49. Twilight Will Bore You To Death
  50. A Killer Orgasm.
  51. Prosthetic Face
  52. Westboro Baptists to protest Comic-Con
  53. Lady Gaga sex doll launched.
  54. Penis photo posters seized by police in Lewes
  55. Teeth part 2??
  56. BP photoshop FAIL
  57. Westboro Baptist Church Protests...Con People Protest Back
  58. 'Oldest man' dead for 3 decades: media
  59. Scientists find first 'underwater river'
  60. Queensland Facebook 'troll' pleads guilty...
  61. Prop 19.
  62. AUSTRALIANS! How have you voted?!
  63. Galactic supervolcano erupts in black hole
  64. The Strange Story of Sabina and Ursula Eriksson
  65. 4chan users hunt for puppy thrower.
  66. The Burqa
  67. Rise of Social Conservativism & Racism in the West
  68. Study: Fellatio may significantly decrease the risk of breast cancer in women
  69. Swedish Male Commited Live Suicide Online By Hanging
  70. Got God?
  71. Wikileaks releases additional 391,823 secret war logs.
  72. Dick tattooed on back prank
  73. Masked Man Arrested Over Disguise On Flight
  74. Mystery Missile off coast of California and U.F.O. spotted over Virginia
  75. The Pope and condom use: "Okay in some situations..."
  76. Actor Leslie Nielsen dies.
  77. NASA Finds New Life
  78. Charles Manson caught with cell phone.
  79. Wikileaks
  80. Get a sweet solution for your energy problems
  81. R.I.P Pete Postlethwaite
  82. Fatal Shooting At US Democratic Event
  83. Changing of the zodiac signs.
  84. Hollywood Needs A Thicker Skin...
  85. That fountain woman...
  86. ZOMG lightning volcano!
  87. Middle East demonstrations in Egypt! Yes it's all about Palin
  88. China Bans Reincarnation Without Government Permission...
  89. 'Snipper' - The Abortion Murders
  90. US Won't Defend Anti-Marriage Law (DOMA)
  91. A hacker called Jester takes down Westboro Church Websites
  92. Bill O'Reilly proves God.
  93. DEA Bans 'Fake Pot' Products That Emulate Marijuana
  94. Fossils of Cyanobacteria in CI1 Carbonaceous Meteorites.
  95. CfJ Topline
  96. First-Person Video of the Japan Tsunami
  97. Taping yourself FAIL: Alexandra Wallace, UCLA Student, Films Racist Rant
  98. School bully gets some of his own.
  99. RIP Elizabeth Taylor
  100. The Onion: Laid-Back Voices Urging Man To Kill His Family When He Gets A Chance
  101. Donate to a project in support of The Jimmy Fallon / Stephen Colbert Project.
  102. Vegans in dock over baby's death
  103. Yoko Ono yanks Youtube video of Stephen Harper singing Imagine! :D
  104. Killer tattooed crime scene on chest
  105. Texas Gov. Rick Perry Declares Prayer Days for Rain Amid Wildfires
  106. Evil ninjas terrorise Pittsburgh
  107. Kate Middleton/Prince William Royal Wedding.
  108. They are Libraries, and also sleazy adult cinemaxxxes.
  109. White House Correspondents' Dinner Hilarity
  110. And now the crown for the sexiest sex offender is....*not kidding.
  111. US Secret Service - 'Had To Monitor Fox' Twitter Scandal
  112. I believe I can fly. I believe I can...wait...The Rapture is Tomorrow?
  113. RIP Macho Man
  114. Church of England ordained known paedophile
  115. Habitable exoplanet "confirmed"?
  116. Researchers Prove Bible Grossly Mistranslated
  117. Tornado puts Springfield, Ma on the map...
  118. Hate on Hate?: KKK vs Westboro Baptist Church
  119. Couple lies down and kisses amid riots
  120. Ryan Dunn from Jackass killed in car crash
  121. Another Earthquake Hits Japan
  122. Stephen Colbert granted Super PAC.
  123. ExxonMobil pipe leaks oil into Yellowstone River in USA
  124. Noose International
  125. Charles Manson to Receive Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
  126. Hybrid Animal-Human Experiments
  127. More than 80 dead in Norwegian terror attacks
  128. Amy Winehouse Found Dead
  129. Student dies after playing on XBOX for too long
  130. London's Burning
  131. Mother bear strangles cub then commits suicide herself!!
  132. WM3 are free 19/8/2011
  133. Hurricane Irene is one big bad ass nasty bitch so stay away from her.
  134. Ok, which one of you fuckers has a gold tooth?
  135. #1 Dad avenges son by handing a teenage nemesis an ass whoopin.
  136. Madonna's Hydrangeas Issue
  137. Woman called boyfriend 65,000 times in the past year
  138. Dwarf Porn Star and Gordon Ramsay Lookalike Found Dead in a Badger Den
  139. What the....FUCK?!? No, you guys really need to read this.
  140. Hitman faked victim's death with ketchup.
  141. Teenage girl dies after believed to being possessed during exorcism.
  142. Steve Jobs is iDead.
  143. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here - "Woo White Power".
  144. R.I.P David Hess 1942-2011
  145. Shia LaBeouf Pummeled
  146. Pat Robertson: God Let Exotic Ohio Animals Escape to Bite Gay People
  147. CIA Asset Susan Lindauer Can Now Speak About 9/11 after 10 years.
  148. Backwards justice!
  149. TSA - Heros, ... ...
  150. Smells Like Shoplifting - Looks Like Psychopathic Hatchet Man
  151. R.I.P Christopher Hitchens
  152. Kim Jong Il is dead..
  153. NYC woman burned alive in elevator
  154. Companies and organizations that support SOPA.
  155. Pray the Gay Away: Conservative Parents Demand School Teach About Ex-Gay Therapy
  156. Hey, British People! Don't come to AMERICA and tell a joke cause it isn't FUNNY!
  157. I hope someone kills these women. Fellow inmates, the state, ...the state.
  158. The LHC Continues to be Awesome
  159. "Go To HELL Barack" Metro Ad
  160. Japanese invent speech jamming gun
  161. Did Santorum Almost Use A Racist Slur?
  162. Life On Mars?
  163. 'Flash rob' at Portland's Lloyd Center Nordstrom
  164. Define A 'Dead' Artist - Hologram Technology
  165. Kim Kardashian for Mayor..
  166. Fuck Your Dead Wife
  167. Analytic Thinking Promotes Religious Disbelief
  168. South Korea finds smuggled capsules containing human flesh
  169. Must watch: Off the wall homophobic rant
  170. Luka Magnotta (One Lunatic One Ice Pick)
  171. The truth of, The world as we know it.
  172. Biggest Scam Ever? (A Political Discussion)
  173. Korean film exposes Western propaganda
  174. Pft. It's Science
  175. ATTENTION. This is IMPORTANT: Family Dog Suspected Cause Of Chuck-Wagon Disaster.
  176. Time To “Pistol Whip” The Nuns
  177. Higgs Boson Particle
  178. Mass Shooting at Colo. Movie Theater, 12 People Dead
  179. Michael Jackson's mom 'missing'
  180. Google Fiber
  181. NBC 'censors' it's coverage of the Olympics Opening Ceremony
  183. 2500 Year Old Dead Girl Has Sexy Tatts
  184. Tony Scott killed himself
  185. NASA's Curiosity livestreamed!
  186. Old Woman Restores 19th Century Painting.... and fucks it up!
  187. How the Red White & Blue has oppressed you
  188. New school shooting, etc
  189. BREAKING NEWS: Emergency Crews Trying to Rescue a Horse Stuck in Mud
  190. Michael Clarke Duncan has died.
  191. Ansar al-Sunna, demand breakaway Islamic nation in Norway or another 9/11 threatened
  192. 4 killed as Yemeni police, demonstrators clash at U.S. Embassy
  193. 17 year old Boy Kills Mom & Sister for No Reason
  194. "Frankenstorm"
  195. Scientists Offer Quantum Theory Of Soul's Existence
  196. The presidential race....
  197. U.S. Marijuana Legalization
  198. Tibet, Self-Immolation to prove a point. Thoughts?
  199. Columbine Shooter Dylan Klebold’s Parents Speak Out
  200. Cartoon perspective on American freedom and country as a whole 50 yrs ago.
  201. Supreme Court Takes Up Same Sex Marriage for the First Time
  202. Elementary School Massacre
  203. Connecticut Tragedy Protested By WBC
  204. Instagram's New Data Policy
  205. Internet Regulation
  206. NDAA 2013 - Indefinite Detention Without Trial is Back
  207. Syrian Civil War
  208. ACTA/TPP
  209. Ian Watkins (Lostprophets) charged w/ conspiring to fiddle an infant
  210. Police Detains Man With Down Syndrome
  211. Mom Can't Acquire Food Stamps After Drug Offense; Resorts to Prostitution
  212. 12 items Walmart considers more dangerous than assault weapons
  213. Facebook Begins Selling Access to Your Inbox
  214. Bahrain Uprising
  215. U.S. Deploying Troops to 35 African Countries
  216. Child Abuse Twitter Accounts Suspended by Hacker Efforts
  217. Former Italy PM Silvio Berlusconi to pay 36 million euros a year divorce settlement
  218. House approves fiscal cliff bill
  219. 'Mutant' Military Future
  220. Steubenville "Rape Crew"
  221. Record Setting Asteroid Fly-By
  222. Legal scandal in Sweden: The serial killer who is not.
  223. Sexual Encounters Allegedly an Everyday Thing Among Students at California Preschool
  224. The Fall of Westboro..
  225. Seal Team This is just Sick
  226. Mother Murders 9 Year Old Son For Having Small Penis
  227. Cardinal Keith O'Brien admits and apologises for sexual misconduct
  228. International Women's Day 2013
  229. World War Full Blown Retard
  230. Main accused in India gang-rape found dead
  231. Fossil Birds with Four Wings
  232. Mass Effect's Medi-Gel IS NOW A REALITY...
  233. Boston Marathon Terrorist Attack
  234. The Origin of 420 Uncovered
  235. Teacher fired from school for being gay
  236. Six inch Humanoid; "not an alien"?
  237. The Pilgrims were Cannibals!
  238. Paris Jackson attempts suicide because she wasn't allowed to see Marilyn Manson
  239. Richard Ramirez Dead: Serial Killer Known As The 'Night Stalker' Dies
  240. Conspiracies don't exist and neither does Prism...or..
  241. Karen Black dead
  242. Black Folks, It's Time To Stop Taking Care Of White People
  243. Feds won't sue to stop pot use in Wash., Colo.
  244. Coming soon: 334 pot stores in Washington state
  245. Comet ISON
  246. Denied sex, man kills girlfriend with vacuum cleaner
  247. Wal-Mart Food Drive Unwittingly Fuels Talk Of Minimum Wage Hike
  248. Top-Secret Document Reveals NSA Spied On Porn Habits To Discredit 'Radicalizers'
  249. Paul Walker Killed in Fiery Car Crash
  250. RIP Nelson Mandela