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  1. The Original Hate Thread
  2. Ouch - Damaged Provider Modules
  3. Blog: A Confession
  4. So Effing COLD
  5. I Don't know what to do..
  6. Christmas Phone Call
  7. Fuck It
  8. A ghost is sucking my **** in my sleep.
  9. My little dog died two days ago.
  10. Elevator talk
  11. Son of a bitch
  12. food tasting like shit when you have a cold/flu
  13. I NEED Money
  14. My best-mate's parents.
  15. Rehab
  16. Potentially having a mental disorder...
  17. Well Fuck You Too, Gallbladder!
  18. Pensivity
  19. A letter to my Mother
  20. I dont really know what i want, or what i expect....
  21. Tinuviel's lament.... ;)
  22. Am I a Loser?
  23. Dreams bothering me.
  24. Ok, People - I need to clear the air. I am sort of pissed about someone on here.
  25. Fibromyalgia and Antidepressants.
  26. I threw a party...
  27. My wet dream...
  28. I am having some rectal problems
  29. Hospital/ Stolen Medicine
  30. I'm gradually losing my mind, so ...
  31. Helping survivors of a suicide
  32. R.I.P. Pebbles
  33. The Hate
  34. Break-up Survival.
  35. R.I.P. Leo.
  36. Adverse Possession(Squatter's Rights)
  37. A lady
  38. The Quiet
  39. This girl that I'm with.
  40. women
  41. Socialising & Finding Romance?
  42. The sexual harrassment double standard.
  43. Mad cousins and the urge to kill
  44. You came to see the mObscene. Fuck your predelections and dispositions.
  45. I need your help guys
  46. Any hoarders or minimalists here?
  47. Sierra Kusterbeck crush!
  48. I hate social networking sites!!(rant)
  49. Does anyone here have an iPad?
  50. Spam
  51. xBox Woes
  52. The Ethics Of Suicide
  53. Wedding Etiquette.
  54. I desperately need your advice, guys
  55. Promises He Never Kept
  56. Help etc.
  57. Goodbye Provider Module.
  58. Hating love and Loving solitude
  59. Overly-flirty "friends"
  60. The last turn before 30.
  61. Yes, ANOTHER stupid relationship problem!
  62. Dreamweaver question
  63. Sponsor my NAMIwalk for Team Kristen McCullouch
  64. Dark Fantasies (Not a sex thread)
  65. Roomates
  66. Parent troubles, and being an adult
  67. Feeling Victimized
  68. Country recommendations?
  69. Drinking, Spring or Distilled?
  70. Quit Smoking
  71. Animal experimentation and my empathy
  72. General Annoyances
  73. Creators, Preservers, & Destroyers - Provider Module
  74. Mom and Manson
  75. United States Constitution - The 3/5ths Clause.
  76. Are Humans Losing their Innocence?
  77. Are You Afraid To Die?
  78. Poll: Coming across like a douchebag
  79. Loving other people
  80. It Makes No Sense
  81. Not Phony/Hoping I don't annoy Members...
  82. What to do now? A rant about healthcare.
  83. Another tricky medical situation. What to do?
  84. Being Gay and being a fan of MM/Heavy Rock Music.
  85. burning away
  86. How to piss off a sociopath.
  87. Can you still be a Christian?
  88. Foster Care
  89. The Hate III
  90. Alcoholic Awareness
  91. Homo Problem - Legal eviction advice?
  92. MANIA or WTF IS IT?
  93. Miserable.
  94. SEX
  95. Rehab, drug withdrawal and life after that.
  96. What if my voices came to life?
  97. What if...the girls in my fantasies...and dreams...like...come to life?
  98. How much of ourselves do we unknowingly project into other people?
  99. Internet sensitivity and nurturing friendships training
  100. Marilyn Manson & Children
  101. Just because she is 18 DOESN'T MATTER - Poll
  102. Weird Addictions
  103. I'm so sick of it!
  104. Friendship and people that don't seem to trust and/or forgive others.
  105. Childfree & Unmarried
  106. Clothing Advice (Robes/Shawls/Kimonos/Ponchos)
  107. Loners, Homebodies & Quiet People "Unite" & "Discuss"
  108. "Inspiring Quotes"
  109. When to walk away?
  110. Rumors
  111. I don't like my friends but don't have many others?
  112. Forgetting I'm Awake
  113. Are You For Or Against Euthanasia?
  114. Cat Psychology?
  115. Sobriety and Being a fan
  116. Does anyone else believe that reptilians are the REAL government?
  117. Writing letters to serial killers, is it wrong?
  118. Do you believe that people are born good and evil?
  119. "How did I fuck all of that up"?
  120. Let all the children sing...
  121. I am God
  122. Confession Thread
  123. Am I paranoid?
  124. Have you ever had any paranormal experiences?
  125. Plain and simple
  126. What are you most proud of in life?
  127. Cat People and Others
  128. A.W.O.C.P.
  129. Horse People And Others
  130. Anime people and others
  131. I'm really upset.
  132. My Friend...
  133. Humans: Civilized or Primitive? The Great Debate, Nature or Nurture?
  134. What have you learned in 2013?
  135. If you feel you've lost your mind, here is what to do
  136. Did you ever...?
  137. What's the favorite thing to smell in a woman's house?
  138. Social security disability review
  139. Infatuation
  140. Prudes
  141. Lazy Neighbors
  142. Loneliness
  143. Resolutions anybody? How about bucket or fuck it lists?
  144. Is it really pointless to go clubbing if you're not going to dance and drink?
  145. Is showing anger and sadness shameful, pitiful, and destructive to you?
  146. Anger without thoughts and feelings of hate, violence, and revenge... can you do it?
  147. My significant other is punishing me...
  148. Setting up my first stereo. Please help before I blow up my precious speakers.
  149. False Forgiveness
  150. Why do people seem to always expect trust and forgiveness from others?
  151. How wrong is it to lack compassion to your enemies and people that hurt you?
  152. Is revenge always wrong?
  153. It's fucked up.
  154. Social Suicide For Being An Unbeliever
  155. (thoughts)
  156. The moment...
  157. Robert Christgau Needs to Retire
  158. Misplaced Elitism
  159. Gentrification in nyc
  160. Letting Go
  161. I'm a cat person
  162. Did I do something wrong?
  163. The less mistakes you make, the happier you'll be. True or false?
  164. The Dream Archive
  165. Sad/Disturbing things you think of while laying in bed
  166. What makes somebody a good person?
  167. Fucked Over and Over.
  168. Let's bring the magic back. Can I get some love back?
  169. How would you survive and cope with life without any family and friends?
  170. Is it normal for young adults to complain and be scared of turning 18-21?
  171. Haunted
  172. Daddy Issues
  173. Depression and Existential Angst
  174. Age Differences in Relationships
  175. Current State of Things?
  176. New Testament. Medicated and Meditated.I I'm embarking on something. Read
  177. A Bittersweet Post
  178. Depression
  179. Ask me some questions - Anything at all.
  180. Extra sensories you have even if you've made them up.
  181. STRENGTH .
  182. Hate Four
  183. Im doing life well
  184. Bad Habits
  185. Trust?
  186. Lost in the Arena of Sorrows
  187. My Halloween
  188. In the Midnight Hour
  189. Stupid Criminls
  190. What age did you lose your Virginity? +funny story
  191. Not being yourself on the internet- How to protect your Hard Drive (Brain)
  192. Homosexual experiences for the Heterosexual
  193. Catholic Church/Canadian Legal System
  194. Penance Sentence needs a stern talking to.
  195. so nervous...im can't sleep
  196. Zimscum needs a stern talking to.
  197. Mr.Svperstar13 needs a stern talking to
  198. S.D. needs a stern talking to.
  199. Orgasms
  200. Hi I'm new to the fandom! And it seems pretty late...
  201. "no spray, no lay"
  202. new here and lonely
  203. How to handle crazy People.
  204. An air of gratitude
  205. Baby name ideas
  206. Scott Putesky is a douchebag
  207. Depersonalization, dissociation
  208. I've been named best designer in my company's enterprise as of today.
  209. Katelyn Nicole Davis
  210. MixMastahTee needs a stern talking to.
  211. Retrograde Ejaculation or How I Ruined My Own Wet Dream
  212. How to trick potential kidnappers into giving you pleasantries
  213. Dating.
  214. Not a "Change Of", but rather a "Finally Getting Into" Style.
  215. Escape Plan.
  216. Deep Shit
  217. Being, Me.
  218. "Thoughts and Prayers"
  219. Horrifying Image
  220. Do You Have Insecurities? (Self loathing thread)
  221. Self-harm Scars (Yeah I know this sounds like a 2007 thread)
  222. Getting my first tattoo - advice needed
  223. My brutal romance with a heroin addict. (Wall Of Text)