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  1. Your Favorite Artists & Pieces
  2. Do what you will....
  3. I believe in... god?
  4. Monogamy?
  5. Extreme epidemic control enforcement.
  6. A pale blue dot.
  7. The world isn't blue - It is opaque,(a numbness you can feel but choose to ignore)
  8. Theories of Time and Space (thoughts on a rainy day)
  9. Do you believe in alternative ideas?
  10. The Tree Of Life
  11. Reinvention and Personal Honesty
  12. Are you left or right? Why?
  13. Media & Audience Responsibilities
  14. Kseniya Simonova
  15. Euthanizing mentally crippled friends.
  16. The ultimate lie detector - The Limbic System
  17. Homosexuality - A Big Gay Misunderstanding Explained.
  18. The Death Penalty.
  19. " Murata" (Area 731) vs. "The Holocaust" (Warning:Very Sensative Subject Matter)
  20. Does public access to weapons reduce violent crime?
  21. Alcoholism: Real illness? Or another reason to evade responsibility?
  22. Artists VS. Intellectuals.
  23. The Military.
  24. Sweden an atheist hellhole?
  25. Thy AssTwat an Homage to TeenaByrd
  26. “There Was a Little Girl with a Curl in the Middle of Her Forehead. When She Was Goo
  27. Abortion.
  28. Lucifer as a symbolic role model.
  29. The dark arts.
  30. Edmonton prof uses Marilyn Manson lyrics to explore Christian scholarship
  31. Satanism and how it inspires you (Post links that inspire your Satanic Self)
  32. Your Excuse?
  33. Counting
  34. Comedy vs. Tragedy
  35. Male genital mutilation (circumcision)
  36. Does the world need police officers and military's?
  37. Self professed intellectual vs. Educated Intellectuals
  38. The ethics of speciesism.
  39. Drinking Pure Slaughter
  40. Burlesque, Pin-Up & Tease · Art Form Or Smut?
  41. Christopher Hyatt:what do you think of his books?
  42. Let's set a trend. Venue Line Sing Alongs
  43. Atheism and Richard Dawkins
  44. Healthy 'swimmers' falling like flies
  45. Is it requisite to approve of the artist in order to appreciate their art?
  46. Zsa-Zsa Speck Art Show - South FL 1/26
  47. Body Image and Media Portrayals of 'Beauty'.
  48. Are you a skeptic?
  49. Gay Pride?
  50. (Serious question) Can white people be victims of racism?
  51. Dangerous animals
  52. At what age does goth stop being cool?
  53. What do you think Hell is like (if it existed)?
  54. Abortion Inconsistencies
  55. The Antinatalism & Efilism Thread (VHEMT.org)
  56. Hedonism
  57. The Dark Side of Time
  58. I hear the afterlife is poorly scored
  59. Where is art going?
  60. What does pussy feel like?
  61. Is there a line to be crossed in the territory of acceptable?
  62. Hymn To Pan-ic
  63. Portrait of an American Family artist?
  64. Water Gate To a Whole New Time 0r PLace
  65. Why The News isn't True. "LENS ON THERESIENSTADT"
  66. Can Journalism not be voyeuristic?
  67. Russian Avant-garde
  68. Constants; Pliable vs. Rigidity - Theism vs. Atheism - Over vs. Neath "Tumbleweeds"
  69. "Nothing's gonna change the World" - Titled to fit into a Marilyn Manson forum
  70. MM Archetypal Discoveries and Self Evolution
  71. Is Religion Dangerous?
  72. Descriptive and Literary Writing
  73. Analysis Of Music
  74. Who Are You And What Do You Follow?
  75. Earth Autopsy - What comes after A.D.? More Hypotheticals
  76. Abortion v.2
  77. In Your View: Simple Logic Question
  78. The Occult
  79. Spectrums: Beginning, Middle, and End
  80. Dangerous and/or Most Challenging Books
  81. An insane Staw Man dressed in sane asylum issued clothing
  82. Offensive words and phrases. Other forms of hypocrisy and incompetency.
  83. People in prison draw people who should be.
  84. P U R E I D E O L O G Y
  85. Jesus was a false prophet [according to the old testament] Warning: Long read
  86. Physical Prowess (Adaptive Acrobatics)
  87. Jordan Peterson
  88. Arthur Schopenhauer: The World as Will and Representation
  89. God, Jung, nihilism, and a heroic drug combination.
  90. SOA Side Mirror View
  91. Dialogue between Marx, Engels, and a Berniebro
  92. What makes 'you" who you are?