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  1. Isolation?
  2. 'Slo-Mo-Tion'
  3. Born Villain Visual Parallels
  4. 'No Reflection' Lyrical Analysis
  5. Born Villain album Cover and Kabuki Theater Makeup
  6. Hidden Voices During 'No Reflection'
  7. 'No Reflection' Music Video Interpretations
  8. 'NO REFLECTION': Narcissus, Absinthe, The Living Bible, & Manson
  9. Subliminal Images on bornvillain.com
  10. BV and the Triptych - Crushing, cheating, changing/Creator, preserver, destroyer
  11. Disengaged and Are you the rabbit? Similarities
  12. 'Born Villain' Art: ''The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari'
  13. 'Children Of Cain'
  14. Donovan Influence! (Pistol Whipped)
  15. 'Breaking The Same Old Ground'
  16. 'The Gardener'
  17. Born Villain [song] is the modern day The Man That You Fear
  18. Born Villain: The Grandest Concept Record of All
  19. Flowers and Guns: Forces of Change, Growth and Destruction (and other BV themes)
  20. 'Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Day' & Boondock Saints
  21. Why is it 'Slo-Mo-Tion'? Thoughts?
  22. Square Halos
  23. Is Born Villain Marilyn Manson's Catcher In The Rye?
  24. 'Breaking The Same Old Ground' & 'In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death'
  25. 'Born Villain' Lyrics & Ideas Alluding To Previous Albums?
  26. Isn't "scars" and "old wounds" redundant?
  27. Zombies, Flowers, and Guns for No Reason
  28. 'Hey, Cruel World...' & 'Overneath The Path Of Misery'
  29. 'Disengaged', '...Goddamn Arms', 'Murderers...'
  30. 'The Flowers Of Evil'
  31. 'Disengaged' & Apocalypse Now
  32. Born Villain
  33. Born Villain Tour Analyses [Hey, Cruel World... - Twins Of Evil - Masters of Madness]
  34. 'No Reflection' & Dorothy Parker
  35. Murderers Are Getting Prettier Every Holy Night
  36. Noises & Samples Born Villain
  37. Born Villain as Antichrist Superstar
  38. 'Hey, Cruel World...' Reversed Message
  39. Born Villain video foreshadowing album lyrics
  40. Analysis Of 'No Reflection'
  41. Creator, Preserver, Destroyer... Eastern Religious Influence
  42. Villain Dead.
  43. Children Of Cain & Man That You Fear Demo.
  44. Twiggy Backup Vocals?
  45. Born Villain And The Celebritarian Logo
  46. The vagEYEna from the 'Born Villain' film is a reference to Georges Batailles