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  1. Mechanical Animals Visual Parallels
  2. Aleister Crowley & Mechanical Animals
  3. Omega Transmissions
  4. Cops and Queers
  5. PLEASE READ!!! What Mechanical Animals is based on (and partially Holy Wood)
  6. Great Big White World (and Mechanical Animals) / Spaceman
  7. The Speed of Pain lyric meaning...
  8. The Apple (1980) and Mechanical Animals
  9. A New Insight Into Coma White
  10. Mechanical Animals: Omega, Alpha, Coma White, etc... Mega Thread
  11. "Mother Mary miscarry": a Mabson Family connection
  12. The influence of J.G. Ballard on 'Mechanical Anmals'
  13. Disassociative / Cryptorchid
  14. Body integrity identity disorder