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08-01-2009, 04:19 AM

“How’s it going New York? I chose to speak to you in a square because I think we’re kind of conditioned to listen to people when they’re in the shape of a square"


at 5.20

“You know I’m in a square right now. You’re looking at me, I’m looking at myself in a monitor. You know we sit in front of the T.V. and we are the T.V. we’re a copy staring at a copy at a copy at a copy. It’s like the guy on Jerry Springer who is always looking at the monitor to see if he sees himself it becomes a loop because you see it and you see yourself again and again and again. Eventually it’s a Xerox that’s so degenerated we don’t know which came first”

I thought I would start a thread in which to discuss the “square” and violence, given that one of the themes of this era supported by the stage performance, props and cd is film “et cetera”.

Curious too is the return of the Celebritarian (double cross) ring and the Celebritarian cross hidden in the shadows of the Armageddon video. While I feel that Manson is again showcasing Celebritarianism, the use of the “square, T.V, v.c.r, canvas metaphor in relation to himself, “Im a painting that’s still wet” ~ Leave A Scar, and others,“ you are nothing but a screen” ~ Doppelherz, is not new…

Cake And Sodomy

“vcr's and vasoline, tv-fucked by plastic queens
cash in hand and dick on screen, who said god was ever clean?”

Get Your Gun

“I am the vhs
record me with your fist”

Snake Eyes And Sissies

“My afternoon's remote control”

Little Horn

"There’s a tumor in the T.V. mouth

Burn it out before it grows"

Rock Is Dead

“God is in the TV”


“I am a canvas that bleeds”

"i'm a vcr,

a funeral of dead-memory waste

you can see it on my face

i'm a vcr funeral

of dead-memory waste

you can see it on my face”

“want you to know

that you are nothing

but a screen

that i will project

my images

of sorrow


and sex upon”

Man That You Fear

“the screen is us and we're tv”

I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies

"Line up,

Roll camera,

you pretend

I’ll pretend

And cut, cut, cut"

"I’m a strip, strip, strip, and

I flicker, flick, flick, flick

a flicker of celluloid

and there’s holes, holes, holes"

"It’s just what I projected

just want to project it"

“I was only acting, baby

only acting, baby

You were only acting, baby

overacting, baby"


”You’re ultimately always performing” at 1.40

“There is always a level of performance in any part of anyone’s life”

I’m interested in any thoughts of how these and others relate to Manson, Celebritarianism, fame and life in general. Of course I have thoughts of my own but I’m interested in what others have to say.


08-01-2009, 07:23 AM
I wouldn't say the Celebritarian ring has returned, he hasn't really stopped wearing it. The Double Cross was used during the last tour as well.

Anyway, this is from his journal, I will post it here because it fits, but I am thinking of starting a thread based on MM's writings/comments that have developed into song lyrics.

We see ourselves printed out on a zerox again and again and if we are not careful, we may end up just staring at a blur of ink. NEVER TOUCH ME UNTIL I AM DRY. (It will smear.)
Marilyn Manson's Journal - THROUGH THE PAIN GATE. (Do mirrors sleep and do they have feelings? Oróď90 days of SodomĒ) - 6/22/2002

08-09-2009, 05:48 PM

If you Notice at 4 Secs the Man Whom "Authorities Have Taken Out His Eyes" Points Upwards Towards what I would assume to Be the Building/ Depository (as shown at 10 seconds looking down on the motorcade. ) The Main Point that I wanted to focus upon Occurs at 30 secs in which a female Clutches Her Camera With "Eyes Like Zapruder." The "Mouth Like Heroin" reference seems to go hand in hand with the salivating reporters on scene waiting for their "shot" as the Motorcade Passes by. Which Leads Me to This Omega Message from Oct 9th 1999

WE'RE ALREADY DEAD I love to let you see through my brain little zapruders rewinding and replaying. I love to let you shoot through my brain, and what are we really selling? and what are we really buying? I'm on my way you are too I'll see you when we get there. 1-5-15 I prepare to bring you OMEGA AND THE MECHAN1CAL ANIMAL5 like a thief in the night... god is nowhere god is now here


It is Interesting to Note that The Coma White Video Takes Place In what could presumably be Holywood's "Miracle Mile" though in contrast to LA's Wilshire Blvd, The stretch of land that is presented in Coma White, offers Coma a barrage of "Pills and Personalities" that "she" can try on and wear a new face as demonstrated by the barrage of characters throughout the scenes of the video. Interestingly Enough, And I Do Not Known If This Has Previously been noted elsewhere, But I did not seem to find it on The Nachtkabarett. There Is A Film From 1988 entitled "Miracle Mile." This Apocalyptic Love Scene is dripping with references that are found throughout the triptych and most notably, The Last Day On Earth.

The film takes place in a single day and night, beginning as the two main characters, Harry (Anthony Edwards) and Julie (Mare Winningham), meet at the La Brea Tar Pits and are immediately attracted to each other. They make a date for later in the evening, but fail to meet due to a quirk of fate. While they are apart, Harry receives a wrong-number phone call, and is told that, unbeknownst to everyone else, nuclear war is about to break out in fifty minutes. He searches frantically for Julie, helped and hindered by various strangers, who are initially unaware of the impending apocalypse. Some of the strangers they meet arrange for a helicopter to ferry a few to the airport, to catch a plane to Antarctica and safety. Harry makes arrangements with a pilot to meet them at the top of the building.

As the story reaches a climax, the news of the nuclear exchange breaks, and Los Angeles descends into violent chaos. Harry worries that he may be the cause of an unnecessary panic.

They reach the top of the building where the helicopter is supposed to be waiting to find the pad empty. After a missile streaks across the sky, confirming the war is real, the helicopter returns with the pilot badly wounded but fulfilling his promise to come back for them. After they lift off from the roof, three nuclear missiles hit L.A. and the EMP from the detonations causes the copter to crash into the La Brea Tar Pits.

As the copter sinks and the cabin fills with water, Harry tries to comfort Julie by saying someday they will be found and they will probably be put in a museum, or maybe they will take a direct hit and be turned into diamonds. Julie seems to take some hope in this, and the movie fades out as the water fills the compartment. A final explosion seems to imply a direct hit has taken place.

High and Dead Our Skin Is Glass


"Hope That We Die Holding Hands For Always"

Image Courtesy Of Saklas

08-15-2009, 03:50 AM

You are a slave. Do you think for a moment that you can ever really say or do what you want? You can't dream without fear of punishment, even if it is your own hypodermic guilt making you look to religion, drugs or suicide as an escape.

Modern expression in TV, movies and music is without any stimulants. It is numb and safe, easy to sell, easy to digest and easy to forget. It's not really even suitable for kindergartners or the mentally handicapped. We are treated like soulless sub-animal house pets until we are old enough to drive or buy cigarettes. When we become consumers they pretend to give us an opinion. We are constantly shoveled milky mounds of unchallenging, moronic impotence disguised as entertainment, but really only designed to lower our standards and make us passive and content on being dumbed down. Why do we watch the things they give us on MTV or Jenny Jones or the 11 0clock news? We have been conditioned to have low expectations and our standards have become less than primitive. The illiterate apes that beat your ass in highschool for being a "fag" now sell you tuneless testosterone anthems of misogyny and pretend to be outsiders to a world that they were born to wear their ADIDASS-FILGERING uniforms in. And we buy it up, helplessly.

Even Christ wouldn't kill himself for this pitiful America that hides under "christian values," and exonerates criminals when they remind the newsman that they too, beLIEve in god.

The networks, record companies and movie studios are all afraid of what we have the power to become. Unlike them we have nothing to lose, and that's what makes us pure.

It is time for their world to be destroyed. It is time for a new age, the Age of Horus. It is time for a new standard, a new canvas, and a new artist. We must forget this wasted generation and amputate it before the mind rots away with it. Paint it, record it, write it down before they kill you with their slow poisonous stupidity. Make yourself heard.

The Internet is your middle finger to the universe, don't let them break it.

Fuck their world.
Let's make our own.

The third and final Beastheres something els
Marilyn Manson

In My Opinion, "A Painting That's Still Wet" Suggests That The World Is Still In Your Hands To Shape And Create Your Own World, As Long As One Finds The true Artist of Life In Themselves. It's Still A Work In Progress and The Outcome is Not As 'Eventual' or predetermined as Might Be Implied or Suggested through the Media. Or Whatever Vehicle One Chooses to Base their Believes Whether Force Fed or Habitual, Severing Oneself from the Ties that bind, or in the case of a Painting, Creating something More Fluid in Life that can still be defined rather than being subjected to defined Lines that cannot be erased. Creation still In Progress, The Script Has No Definate Ending, Therefore One Should Not Rush for the Exit Signs . As All Unsaved Progress Will Be Lost. We not only serves as viewers to screen the "test pilot" for the "film" where we have a series of scenes that are shown to test the possible outcomes of the story in a variety of lights, aimed at the "target audience" But I feel that we also are in a varying degree, "writers" of the story line of Marilyn Manson by our thoughts and interpretations of the story as it plays out in our minds. "Little Zapruders." But Most importantly, What I want to Stress is that I Feel that there is an Alternate
End Scene rather than the apocalyptic visions of Antichrist Superstar Destroying the Self, Thus where Adam Is Reborn and save him from his self. We Don't Seek Death, We Seek the Destruction of Death. One Must Know When It's Time To Push What Isn't In The Best Interest Into the Fire and Start Again Reborn Like a Phoenix from the Ashes, as showcased Within The High End Of Low. I Love The Fact that it carries such an optimistic tone. The Scene is yours to piece together, But it's all within what You believe.

I think it was best said by Manson, where he described Marquis De Sade's work in the lines "His Writing are An Abnormal Point of You" Which leads me to believe that the fans are just as much involved in the concepts of the storyline as the character, himself. Thus from the insert of POAFF "I AM YOU" The thing is... It's all in what one chooses to take from the story and shape into their perspective, There is No Official Answer From A Celebrity to define what it should mean to each person, It is Never Solvved Until One Finds There Own Solution. And Even Then It is not a solution if another believes it, The key to the script is to find your own answers through the ideology, Just as the Lyrics to Doppelherz suggest

Each time someone believes what I say, I become a lie
Each time someone believes what I say, I become a lie
Each time someone believes what I say, I become a lie
We have reached the end of history
The only thing left is cosmetic changes
We have reached the end of history
The only thing thatís left is cosmetic changes

Thus, The Canvas Is Still Wet.... And Can Be Cosmetically Altered By Creativity, Ingenuity, And Artistic Means. As Long As One Takes the Opportunity to Be Heard
As Mentioned The Internet Is Your Middle Finger,

Put It In Your Middle Finger and Sing Along.
Don't Just Suck It and Smile....
Fight, Fight, Fight. Be Obscene. And Heard

08-16-2009, 09:15 AM
I think this is a fantastic thread, Manson is evidently aware of Lacanian theory, which I recommend to anyone who hasn't read it.

Talking to Underdosed yesterday, I commented on the final section of the Manson statement quoted here, "The Internet is your middle finger", and mentioned that as Manson was not "born with enough", that we are part of the Spectacle of making his voice heard as well. Were it not for the continuous analysis, commentary and speculation that surrounds Manson, his message would not be as widely proliferated. The same goes for his detractors, as he is still "Their shit". Mirroring (aptly) -<me>-'s use of the lyrics "The screen is us and we're TV", you can also quote "The toys are us and we don't even know", to suggest that the people are as much a part of the proceedings as anything else.

If Marilyn Manson is fucked up on drugs, is it bad because he uses them, or because we react to it? Sounds a little unstable reasoning perhaps, but as demonstrated with these findings, it isn't too far fetched. He even says as much in the statement "you are nothing but a screen that I will project my images of sorrow pain and sex upon" --- "We are the things of shapes to come". Celebritarianism, as I suggested in the thread topic covering it in this section, was always about the inclusion of everyone, whether they liked it or not. The Celebritarian Corporation, I think, is a description of every cog and wheel in the machinations of how people perceive Marilyn Manson, themselves, other celebrities, their friends, their lover, their movie and music collections, et cetera...

There are people working with Manson, his wardrobe staff, his band, his friends. People were dismissive of Rudy Coby aiding the promotion of The High End of Low through MySpace and email, but even then I asked "How do you gauge what reliability a source has". Surely information coming from a friend of Manson is far better than some media hack, or a journalist that might misrepresent it...? Those people are Celebritarian Corporation members, helping us to see the screen properly. Some have, some haven't.

The ones who have are walking up the stairway to Substance, and those who haven't have a burning magazine in their hands...

08-18-2009, 01:49 AM
Subject: here it comes
less then 37 minutes
you will know
if your mind will let you.

here, there doesn't matter
coma white is right in front of you

love and i am

marilyn manson

Subject: 37

your brain.com (sic)

you make it happen

37 seconds

As Bjorn posted on the Phant Regarding Kundalini "I can already feel the worms eating my spine"

The AWAKENING of Kundalini Energy

The Kundalini energy reaches the brainís prefrontal areas approximately 12 seconds after the command was given and builds up to a maximum in both hemispheres after 37 seconds. After then, the energy drops down again.



Hate Sells
09-03-2009, 08:51 AM
WE'RE ALREADY DEAD I love to let you see through my brain little zapruders rewinding and replaying. I love to let you shoot through my brain, and what are we really selling? and what are we really buying?

"I want to celebrate, I want to sell you hate"...just like at the end of the excerpt from Holy Wood. Probably unrelated, but just thought I'd mention it. ;)

Two Faced Egg (23)
07-01-2015, 02:32 PM
"Square - Halo Angels" - I often research and think of the Occult Synchromystic ..either/0r weirdness that I suspect He is referencing .. clue for those .. Those. Kubrick vs Larouche ... black cube of Saturn .. Halos ..rings .. of .. ? the Cube vs the Circle .. graduation hats much ? You in the Court ? You going to be ?

Nemoris Inferioris
07-01-2015, 10:32 PM
"...If you touch me, i'd be smeared, you'd be stained", possibly stating he is fragile, and that if you break him, you will have a permanent 'Scar' from him.

"I'm a painting that's still wet...", stating he is at a point of vulnerability and that if you do not "Handle With Care", such as his 'White Collar' said in 2003, he'd be disoriented. Or as [god]speed said, he is still manipulatable. Able to be changed in his vulnerable state. But later in the album, he says he isn't able to be changed.

"You are nothing but a screen...", just saying you are what he projects. "This is what you should fear, You are what you should fear". He sings about violence, you are the violence. Shoutout to "The Reflecting God".

Just a thought.

07-02-2015, 05:15 AM
In my opinion, "Painting that's still wet" might refer to an unfinished transformation process- an entr'acte, so to say.
The projection topic may mean both the audience as medium, as projection, as Nemoris Inferioris stated, but also Manson chasing and hunting for his own shadow. Marilyn looking for Manson. As if Manson would look at himself on screen and trying to combine what he sees and what he feels. Mistaking the projection for the projector, as well. Still, the audience is always a part of his process- as people unknowingly salute to a parody of a dictator in "Antichrist Superstar", the copy of the imitation, as Manson is the copy of Chaplin's imitation of Hitler. The desperate attempt to become, to contain opposing, but still complementary dichotomies.

Elizabeth Casto
02-16-2016, 02:11 AM