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08-22-2009, 11:40 PM
It had to happen eventually...


Additionally, some "Visual Parallels". Manson as 'Emperor' from the Holy Wood Tarot, in comparison with this new image. Also, consider that Manson is "In recovery" in the picture, [crippled (plaything)/The toys are us --- "My legs are wheels"].


And if Manson is in recovery from America, is he also still the Emperor? The Emperor card is relative to the myth of Zeus, who unlike his siblings was not consumed by his father Chronos - "We eat our young", and went on to be the ruler of the kingdom. Note that both the American flag and military helmet are present in both this image and the Emperor card also.


The new picture is also similar to the back cover for Antichrist Superstar, with Pogo and Twiggy inhaling from Manson --- "Inhale, exhale, let's all hail".

08-23-2009, 05:46 AM
lol, when you said that yesterday, I actually had this image in mind...


I thought it was a bit crazy to sit manson in a wheel chair at a photoshoot, but thinking back and remembering the photo above, its not so crazy.

08-23-2009, 06:36 AM
Ah, I see now, I had completely forgotten that image, despite a version of it appearing in Dissecting Marilyn Manson.

That's interesting then, that Manson would identify with that in these various shoots. The Emperor almost consolidates both the other two images and Manson's obsession with prosthetic limbs, given that it has him in role and with false limbs for legs and in a wheel chair, perhaps indicating war wounds.
I'm interested in the gas mask also, we all know Manson uses oxygen for his chest condition, and there is plenty of footage of that, but I was told that at a show recently he was using it more and more, which I recall people saying about Download, so it is perhaps another deliberate "movie" prop?
Someone asked me recently what the gas mask reminded me of, and although they had a different answer, I felt that it was reminiscent heavily of Frank Booth, the drug dealer in David Lynch's Blue Velvet. Apparently the gas he inhales was an upper, used, one would assume, to get High...


Booth is also sexually violent and insane, displaying deliberately infantile behaviour shown as callously regressive. Also noteworthy to Manson's work, is the fact that the murder case that begins the trail of events in Blue Velvet concerns a severed ear, which has been a staple in Manson's artwork for some time, even up until recently, in the Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin'-Geddon video.

The Empirical Guy
08-23-2009, 07:04 AM
That new photo is cool, thanks for posting, and I like the comparisons you've made. It would've been nice to see Twiggy and Ginger in the photo though as if I remember correctly the crotchless wheelchairs thing was a story involving the two of them.

08-23-2009, 07:58 AM
Who's the woman in this new picture? Looks cool.

08-23-2009, 08:50 AM
It would've been nice to see Twiggy and Ginger in the photo though as if I remember correctly the crotchless wheelchairs thing was a story involving the two of them.

From Everyone Will Suffer Now:-

"Ginger just picked up a new hobby of drinking. It’s always fun to see somebody experience that for the first time, especially when they’re insane. That’s why I like Ginger. We’ve got all three of us, and we’re having a wild time. We decided to call Twiggy up and we’re like “Hey man, get back in the fuckin’ band.” He said, “I’ll do it, man, but we have to take it to the next level.” I’m like, “Well, do you think I would call you if I didn’t know that?” Then we started deciding, what is the next level? Cutting our faces off? Extreme teenage sleepover? Crotchless wheel chairs? I don’t know what the next level is, but depravity and offensiveness is definitely going to be our post-it note of things to do on this tour." ~ Marilyn Manson, January 2008

08-23-2009, 10:26 AM
Where/when did that new pic come from? Opening this thread 30 seconds ago was my first time seeing it.

08-23-2009, 01:13 PM
Its from YRB Magazine

http://www.nachtkabarett.com/babalon/to ... B-magazine (http://www.nachtkabarett.com/babalon/topic/2168--Marilyn-Manson-on-the-cover-of-YRB-magazine)

08-23-2009, 01:46 PM
So THAT's where this quote comes from..

08-23-2009, 02:34 PM
Its from YRB Magazine

http://www.nachtkabarett.com/babalon/to ... B-magazine (http://www.nachtkabarett.com/babalon/topic/2168--Marilyn-Manson-on-the-cover-of-YRB-magazine)
Those photos are so amazing.
I need that magazine.

It reminded me of that shock era photo of the wheelchair, too.

And the mask just reminds me of not being able to breathe and my own experiences (hyperventilation and asthma). :(

10-09-2009, 12:18 PM
Talking about the Mechanical Animals figure with S.D. tonight, I was reminded of the device Manson is wearing in the video for the Dope Show.


I'm sure Manson was discussing it in an interview somewhere, and he called it a "self resuscitator". I don't know how serious he was about that though, anyone remember what interview it was? or know any more information on the device.

10-09-2009, 01:10 PM
Thank you Norse. The reason I liked the link between this image and the "Isolation Mask" of the other images (plus the genuine oxygen intake Manson needs on occasion) was because it reminded me of Mechanical Animals lyrics in relation to Disposable Teens --- (lifelike and poseable, hopeless and disposable...) --- and the concept of breathing and the respiratory system in Manson's work.

"Inhale, exhale, let's all hail"

An instance where the breathing is an emblem of power, or unity, but on the same album: "I want to hang all you cattle" - There is suffocation. The notion of being resuscitated as well, back to the image above, makes me think of being a "Dead Astronaut" floating in space/fear, and the "isolation" is an oxygen mask. In The Dope Show, Omega is isolated as he is experimented on and resuscitated, like a child. And what about Manson waking up in the hospital bed in The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell?:-

"This man is deceased"

Manson thinks he has died --- "This isn't me, I'm not mechanical" --- Mechanical = Dead, COMA... Living death

"Sticking to my pointy ribs are all your infants in abortion cribs"/"I'm a teen distortion, survived abortion"/"I'm in recovery"

Recovery is as much the operating table, as it is the morgue - (They just glitter/all that glitters is cold) - the autopsy, the birthing crib, the bed ("I wake up every day, wrong side of the bed"/"I went to bed, everything was dead"). There is this repetitive connection between rebirth, recovery and living death. All of Manson's work has this transformation aspect, but it isn't always negative, as it might be perceived, it is just recognising the inherent futility in some areas of life. And the Mary Whore is at the bed, is this mother or Magdalene? Or both, symbolising some rebirth in female sexuality...?

"She didn't know that it was dead inside, even though it was alive"
"You cannot kill yourself, you're already dead"
"We don't like to kill our unborn, we need them to grow up and fight our wars"
"The minute that it's born, it begins to die"
"This is where is starts, this is where it will end"

Also from the book:-

"I struggled to move, but I couldn't. My left arm tingled."

The vindicated Omega in I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me) has the left arm severed on an operating chair. What about the concept of phantom limbs, after people who have amputations? Was Manson's drug overdose ("You and I are underdosed and we're ready to fall") incorporated into his Omega personality? We take the pill to make us numb/dumb, but are we still going to feel the severed arm tingling afterwards? Will they still try to crucify us in our space? (the severed arm has marks of stigmata)
These ideas might seems a bit sketchy, but I think I'm trying relate the notion of how "cures" are often used as barriers or methods of preventing people from developing --- May Be Harmful If Swallowed / May Cause Discoloration Of The Urine Or Feces --- "We're piss-tested and we're praying".

10-18-2009, 04:17 PM
In descending order

Disintegrator Risen


Against all (g)Odds that he'd walk out again.

Ianguration of the Worm


In Recovery

The Heirophant


It's gonna be a Long Hard Road out of Hell