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01-18-2010, 12:13 AM
As We Drift Unto
The Sharpest Shades of Blue
Encased within the Aura of This Softened Hue
A Shifted Shade and I'm Surrounded By You
Two Souls Embrace And Merge Into
This Single Selected Soul
Release Me Into You
And You Unto Me
We Sit In The Solar Space
Entangled In This Warm Embrace
I Merge Into This Transmutation Of You.
And All We Seek, Androgyneus Dreams
Pulls Us Closer into This .
Transmutate The Sacred strain
Perfected In The Divine Dreams of What Means To Believe...
The Nectar of Our ambrosial dreams
Enter My Veins And Summons This Undying Dream
The Symptoms of Your Celestial Stare,
Pulls Me In To The Perfection of Our Unrelentless Glare
The Symphony of This Sacremental Strain Of The Holiest of Blood
Sends Dripping Through The sacrosanctity of Our Most Precious Dreams
Entertwined Within The Ethereal Realm Of Only You And Me.
Please Take this With You, Through Time and Space.
And We Know There is No Replace Entangled in The Beauty of Our Heartspace.

01-18-2010, 12:13 AM
I Listen Through The Softest Shades Of Me & You
Filtering the Sounds of What It Means Just to be with you.
Heart In Hand I Hold You Tight as we slip into the promised land each night
Softly Sipping on the Sounds as you sleep
I Pull you into my arms
And wrap you tightly as we drift into sleep.
Hold my hand, Feel The depths of this devouring dream
Pull Me Close
Wrap Me In Your Everything
And Surround Me in You Sacred Heart
Let Me Show you what it means to me
My Love, My Live, My Every Dream

You are My World
My Queen
My Precious Doll
And Still I Fall
Deeper into the Depths
Of This Perfect World
Our Perfect Dream
Forever Entangled
I am yours
Eternally Drifting
Inside of < You >
Inside of [ Me ]
Dripping in Divinity

01-18-2010, 12:14 AM
Pull Me down into the passion of your Kiss,
As we descend into this
Inside a world where no one else exists
Whisper the Words of Worlds I've Never Been
You Take Me there Again
Dripping down the center of your chest
I can't sleep... But I've found a place to rest
A Hole in Heart space, Stitched Unto You...
And in this moment, As All the Pieces Of Our Past Lives
Have Come Untied
We Reunite, as I Drift into You
So Take the Words, These Whispers, The Most Sacred Of Our Signs
Take them in deep, exhale the embrace of this softly spoken dream.
And All Unearthed, Ripping the veils of Reality.
All I touch and All I will ever see
Echoed in your Eyes of Eternity.
And I Keep You Close
Counting Every Second, The Ticking of our tied hearts
This is the Moment of Our Lives
Two Heartbeats Eclipsed In The Sunlight
Serene superstitions,
As we Bathe in the Blood of All that is True.
I need you... I need you...
Embrace the Echo of Intention
I Seek your Shadow, Just a Shade
Every word that you whisper
As you crawl through my veins.
There is The One that still Remains
Dressed in the Mystery of Our Echoes in Space
I need you... I need you... I need you...
Pull Me In My Precious, What I'd Give For The Taste of You.
There's Not a Word, All I Know is that No One Else Will Do.
The Feeling So Pure, You are My Fucking Cure
And There's Nothing More that I've wanted More
What I'd Give For This Moment Right Here, I am Yours.

01-18-2010, 12:17 AM
When it feels as if there is no earth under me

And the Walls that are built coming crumbling

You are the pulse

The presence of

My release

Echoing the Air i Breathe

You are my sigh of relief

When I Look into your eyes,

I drink and drift in the valley of your insights

A taste of all we hold inside

Comes Bleeding through the Shades

A Cornerstone Reflection of Our Twilight

Spinning The Softest Circles Of Your Staircase

As I Fall Into Your Sights

As We Drift and the World around Us

Shifts a shade and changes Hue

The passion of us wrapped into

The softest of sheets

Skin to Skin

Face to Face

In this World that Was Meant for just me and you.

We Spiral Into.

This Dream we Weave

The sights we've seen

Are only a taste of what i see

when i stare unto you

I keep you here

a solidifying stare

Pulls Me Close and Keeps Me there

So Intertwined and Entangled In You

Predictions Cast a Calming Stare,

Through Echoes of Angels

And I find you there.

Kill Me So Softly, So I Can Feel You There...

Together in Heaven

Or Hand In Hand through Hell

Forever Feels Like Something As Long as I Have You There.

When I awake, I find you here

And I Know...

It's More than

We've Dreamed
Wrapped Inside this Perfect Scene

The Dreams We Dream

The Stars we've Seen

Burning through

A Prismatic View

I Search For Substance in a World

That Has seemingly Lost all Hope of All that was True

And Then I find

< You >

You Pull Me Close As I drown within the depths of you

A Call of Comfort as Your Embrace

Replaces All I've Ever Knew

In The Words Left Unspoken

Just Know That This Love Is True

As My Heart Beats for Only

< You >

01-18-2010, 01:12 AM
I loves you here too :P

01-19-2010, 06:45 AM
Perfect Places of Parallel Shades
Shining within the deepest contours of this space...
All That Was Lost, Has Now Be Found Prismatic Beauty,
Intertwined Lost within your starlit eyes
Keeping You Close in sight Falling Through this Heart And Mind
Never Fall or Let You down
Inside a Dream, I heard a sound
The serenity of what we've held,
Pull You Close...Though Your Not Around...
Still I Feel You Through the Frames of Sound
Arms Outstretched, and Reaching Out
Hand In Hand, Never Without
Drifting Through the Portraits of Our Past Lives...
Memory Captivates Me In The Moment Of This Insight
Pull Me Closer, Cover Me In Your Skin, Just So I can See you from the Within
Casting a Calming Stare A Million Years I've Spent
Searching for Your Sacred Stare, Finally I've Found You...
And All Along You Have Been Right There...
Anticipating the reunion of our reflection's glare
The comfort of your divinity, Captured in your Stare
Ocean waves of Ecstasy,Engaged Within The Tidal Waves
Runs their course throughout our veins
Foundations Flood The Beauty of Our Serene Escape Pull Me Close... As I whisper Your Name.
Take Me To The Spiral Again,The staircase of Space We Create
A Perfect Reality, Our Perfect Escape
Centerized into the softest of shades,
In Hearts and Headspace.

01-20-2014, 02:42 PM
These are all so lovely. I can't help but be entranced by your space and it's many facets.

I beg you to answer, if you still swim this forum, any significance behind the < angle brackets > ?

03-04-2014, 12:17 PM
Your last poem is absolutely beautiful.