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03-06-2010, 04:05 AM

This is part one of a two peice essay. You may also notice that I used some content from a thread I created in General Chat entitled "Kill Your Time, Kill Your T.V."

The planet has always been a volatile macrocosm of catastrophic events, pre-historically roved by monstrous creatures surrounded by kaleidoscopic natrual disasters, etc. It was about survivalism. It was about evolving, and adapting to drastic atmospheric shifts, and the animals that would eventually become humanity scavenging for tools to avoid extinction. Developing perception, developing communication, and attempting to understand these elements that has put every single species that has ever existed at risk for annihilation, and why. The evidence is in the dirt that we were risen from, and in the fossils that we will be our only second coming back. Yet Pseudo sciences such as mythology and religion began to become the ultimate axiom for why everything happens, and exists. Enslaving the free thinking with their chicanery. and discouraging what became a conquest to find the forbidden fruit to taste for ourselves, to seek the "bringer of light".

"I, Jesus, have sent my angel to testify these things in the churches. I am the root and the spawn of David, and I am the bright Morning Star (LUCIFER)"

"Several cultures historically held its appearances as a morning and evening star to be those of two separate bodies."

That Biblical reference itself is an interesting paradox. As Christ , and Lucifer both refer to themselves as "The Morning Star". The leads me to deduce that the Apocalypse began in the Garden of Gethsemane. When Christ was accosted by his twin archangel Lucifer and was shown all of the atrocities, and injustices the world would be beset with if he went through with his self aggrandizing suicide mission. Yet, he still was driven like a nail in our coffins and on the tree he was hung on. Hence, becoming the catalyst for doomsday and the ultimate vindicator of sadistic doctrines used to oppress the human race, to keep in the dark until he returns to finish the carnage, and raise the death toll that began when he was crucified, and resurrected.

This to me, was a crucial point in history when we stopped progressing ,and became afraid to expatiate our own conjectures. Stupidity officially replaced the word sapience, which has spread like a cancerous spore through centuries of naive martyrdom and subliminal televangelist madness.

Skip forward to present day society. We still have not pieced he schisms together, and washed the blood of insane maniacs who still whisper condemnation and forebode from beyond the grave. We have had 2010 years of warning in advance to evade our demise, but to do so would be blasphemy. It must happen because it is in Gods sadistic blueprints.

Even with modern day technology. If we were to rip up the book of revelations, we still have created our own weapons of self destruction. We created the atomic bomb, nerve agents, firearms etc. . .

We used to be humans. We used to work together. . . now we wait, like patients in purgatory staring at the gorgon eye that you stare into like vacuos spectators. We've become digitally decapitated. Obtuse incorporeal beings who'd rather rely on the gridboards, and programming forcefed to us like airplanes crashing into halls of ivy. We live in an age where we can't function without being overstimulated, fastened to human interaction without being ubiquitously betroth to our devices. Mobile phones have replaced our earlobes. Televisions are transforming us into real doll androids who'd rather watch what is going on in the world from a safe cushy institution...Who have no motivation to act as perspicacious, inquisitive, active explorers of new frontiers, movements, and starting a new Golden Age of Enlightenment. Try to rid, even for a day, the depersonalizations of everyday life. Stop being a cyborg for a moment and explore what's out there, and more importantly what had lain dormant inside of you. It's not too late to reverse the devil-ution that is operating on us.

03-07-2010, 08:12 PM
As a child, there is a light in their eyes, eyes with reflections in the rear view mirror of a Heaven that they were sent from, that have yet to be eclipsed. Eyes that overtime become bleach washed sunsets, skrying pools of tears, and a regatta of dreams lost somewhere over the dilapidated rainbow. We viewed the world as a magical wonderland where benevolent and mystical spirits would bestow us with gifts, and whisper us to slumber where angels would sweep us to wake up to a new day with unexplored frontiers to venture to. Only to find out that they are all folklore and fable. Parables and blindfolds. We take them off to find ourselves lost, and realize that we have fallen, and our balloons have been pin pricked by the jagged stars we used to wish upon.

Now you don't know who you are, and when those stars have begotten you, the grinning sky looking down on you will ruin you. We are now homeless Heavenly Hosts, painting over a scorched Garden. Evicted from our lost paradise, and orphaned blood strains flowing through history searching for the bringer of light, the Bluebird of Happiness, or Walt Disney to make a more sparkling renditions of our blotched and tattered film reels.

"According to the Cochiti tribe, the firstborn son of Sun was named Bluebird. In the tale "The Sun's Children" from Tales of the Cochiti Indians(1932) by Ruth Benedict: "She nursed him until the Sun father came back. Sun returned to the girl, and the girl offered the child to him, saying, 'Here is your baby. It is a little boy.' They named him Bluebird (Culutiwa)."

We are waiting in a purgatory ward, waiting for an exit from the "Wishing Hell", and a chaperon with a guiding heart and hand to "lead us from the dark night of spiritual slavery to unknown wandering-in search of the bluebird." We now look up to the luminaries as artificial lights, absorbing the internal substances of our souls to illuminate their deceptive silver screen. We're just blood for their canvas. Nails embedded in the limestone prison well. Dissolving like pills on the tongue of the highest hung almighty. Left to eat ourselves out of a rotting fruit that the flies and dirt have already begun to devour. In a second womb, ready to be rapt back up, and prove yourself to truly be in the image of the true light instead of a meandering shadow doomed to roam the Earth for eternity until all substance fades.

"If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you. - Jesus Christ Gnostic Gospel of Thomas".

As referenced from the blog/essay that preceeded this more fantastical one. Both Christ, and Lucifer are reffered to as "Bright and Morning Star" or "Bringers of Light". Take the red pill or the blue pill.

There will always be night and day, space and time, life and death. There is a paradox that exists in everything that exists, that has existed, and will exist forever, even after "us". In summation, the moral to be derived from this is that we are what we create. Even if it is just another dream, or a lie. Energy is a clay that cannot be destroyed, only transformed. "Art is a question mark."

In summation, "Whooo are Yoooou"?