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06-22-2010, 08:32 AM
So I wrote this poem about 7 months ago, I've greatly improved since then...

This is beyond your experience...

My own self destruction has brought me here.
My watered down values have betrayed me...
I said that I don't care about them.
But they betrayed me.
They brought me to this state of mind.
My head is reeling from everything.
I see things beyond my imagination.
A worm. With the face of a human.
Certainly says something about our race.
That we're all just fucking worms.
Crawling, to exist.
Coating others in our own slime.
We shed the skin, we feed the fake.
Oh wait, that would be a snake.
My mistake.
A bird, that has ripped off its own head.
Another begins to grow.
Still sounds like the worm.
I travel through space and back.
See the stars, they aren't any nearer.
Nor further.
They just glisten. Like a fake illusion.
Like myself.
Beautiful on the outside.
Horrible on the inside.
I see...
A figure.
A spider-like figure.
It wants me.
I try and run.
My feet are like cement.
They won't lift.
What a time for betrayal.
I see snow...
I want it.
It will snap me back to reality.
My feet fail.
And I fall through a black hole.
I see smiling faces.
And the words BETRAYAL are illuminated.
I am in a wasteland.
Death coats the air.
I have come to accept death.
But I'm too young to die.
I Don't want this.
My feet seem to be moving on their own accord.
So This is what being mechanical feels like.
Quite strange to be honest.
I see the worms again.
They are the faces of the people I once cared for.
They morph into a horrible figure.
Oozing what seems to be blood.
My feet are moving toward it.
Why did my body have to choose now to become mechanical?
I don't want death.
I figure I should have enjoyed my last day on Earth a bit more...
It opens its mouth.
What a repulsive scent.
I want to run away.
I feel scared.
The figure flickers.
Why is it flickering.
It shows me the face of the one that I loved.
What's this?
Why are feelings rushing back to me?
I feel a longing to be with this person...
It flickers again.
I don't understand...
Why is it here?
The smell is disappearing.
The worms are starting to fall off.
I see in my head, my best friend.
In pain.
I wish I was there for her.
The figure, is definitely fading.
The feelings...
They are making the figure disappear.
I need strength.
If I must make it disappear.
I need to reattach my emotions.
The figure flickers.
It starts coming back.
It dies on the good emotions.
It's disappearing.
I muster up all the good thoughts I can.
It explodes.
Coating me with worms.
The black hole.
Is sucking me back up to where I belong.
I see the snow.
I don't need it.
I can live.
I can love.
Death won't get it's hands on me now.

Yeah, It IS kinda Manson Inspired, But Lemme Know What you guys think

06-22-2010, 12:37 PM
It's very uplifting and makes me anticipate to see what the future has in store for me.

06-23-2010, 10:42 AM
Ah Thank you, I was listening to Antichrist Superstar, and inspiration kinda took over...
I was also having the ending of a weed buzz so I get really poetic when that happens