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08-14-2010, 11:35 AM
No title, and I'll probably work this over a bunch until I'm happier, but this is the first draft of a poem inspired by my wife and her girlfriend/lover.


hand-mirrored desire for the familiar softness of your silhouette
i taste and imagine you, plucking fruit and to bite
tasting bursts of peach and honey as lips touch and kiss
flowers wet with morning dew

reciting sapphic verses of skin in your foreign language
that men can never understand, but always try to
you goddesses of words, twin lovers of moonlight
i invoke you, the idea of you, and all that is beyond me

for man is only half the possibilities
which makes me no less sweet, and you no less beautiful
and our love no less sure as i am the sun
but let me admire you, if only to study like art in galleries
so i may try to understand the subtleties of the moon

10-14-2010, 05:11 PM
I can't believe that I overlooked this, or that this has had no replies in general. I was salivating like a rapacious satyr after reading this wanting more to engorge on. Your erotic, and ubiquitous appreciation for your wife, as well as your trust and respect for her carnal desires speak volumes in this. I've read what you had written in my "Monogamy" thread, and I intend on replying at some point, but this piece really gives more saturated insight into your subconcious feelings and thoughts revolving around your marriage. It is an understatement, even if it is a just a draft, to call this one brilliant. It's luscious, and ripe with vows as to your devotion to matrimony, even in an unconventional sense. I really enjoyed this, and no I did not masturbate. :)


10-16-2010, 02:50 PM
Thanks Derek. It's still something i'm toying around with because i'm not 100% sure how to convey the ideal or feeling involving something like this. I mean the whole "threesome" or "wife is bisexual" fantasy is so played out, but for me it goes beyond seeing my wife with a woman, but really the joy and radiating passion and love I see in a lesbian relationship. Thanks for the kind words.