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10-16-2010, 02:22 PM
*Note* - That title's meant to say *by* me, I'm in Starbucks in London atm and I fucked it up. Change it please, Moderator!

Now, I'm not in the habit of writing things like this... but I had a strange experience tonight, which kinda spurred me into it.
This isn't top-quality writing. This is from something I scribbled down in a notepad as it entered my head, to keep composed in a public place.
But maybe one or two of you might like it.

A letter. From me to you.

I am standing in Covent Garden, and dusk is setting in like a blanket over the city. The air is cold, the first hint of a winter chill pricking my skin. Watching the crowds pass in the streetlightís glow against the flickering backdrop of cafe lights, shop lights, billboards and headlights, I make a wish. If only you knew how much I wish you were here with me, gloved hand in gloved hand, watching each otherís warm breath fog the frozen air, listening to the opera singer on the terrace, or the busker on the corner, playing sad love songs to the cold night air. But you arenít. I am alone. That lonely buskerís picked up his guitar, and heís strumming a tune I recognise.
Pink Floyd.
Wish You Were Here.