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10-16-2010, 02:51 PM
From watching certain stars change position in the night sky over the course of a few months.


You've barely moved, this night lingering
On the horizon, is it really time
To make your disappearance?
Fall back against those mountains
To the West where all settings follow?

In July, projecting toward
My Zenith, you would have hidden
In the tops of those trees. I wouldn't
See your face in the branches
And I'd wonder, could I still find you?

Tell me again of goodbyes,
Of circling back to such beginnings
With such endings. Keep me warm
Til I remember a first time
I looked up and wondered at the starr sky
Who am I in all? This place is a dream.
Celestium. I rested on my snow wings

And knew that I was alone
That it was ok that I'd lose
Loves, along the way,
Would only go back to their beginnings.

The mute freeze envelops me. Not even now
Has this blue beam of light reached you.
Then, will it be a mirror?
And in your bright eye will I see a former self?

From what time are you appearing to me?
That day you composed an aria
By arranging a few metal filaments
And humid vapors to ring out a blast
Of unaccompanied melodies
To some distant flame.

The speed of sound denigrates
This song of ours

By now we may as well be specters
Of ourselves pale and ashen
Since you cannot fuse carbon
And I cannot withstand
The force of your array

Astonished like Semele
And you the swooping eagle
To bare the twice born
Whose season your descent
Behind those small mountains
To the West inflames and leaves me
Wandering, like Demeter, this frozen world