View Full Version : Currently Accepting Valentines Applications

01-14-2011, 02:18 PM
I am currently accepting applications to "Be My Valentine"
I want to get started early so that I can give myself the time to properly sort through all the applicants.
Competition is rough this year, girls, but I know you'll impress me!

01-14-2011, 02:27 PM
This is gonna get ugly.

01-14-2011, 02:29 PM
This is gonna get ugly.

I am counting on it ^^

01-14-2011, 02:42 PM
Look, Knave. You're a great guy .... I mean, it's not that I don't like you. I just, don't want to be your valentine. I can't. I am into women. I'm sorry. Look, I really don't want to break your heart, and this isn't a goodbye. I wish you luck. You'll find someone. ;P

01-14-2011, 03:26 PM
I will always remember you, Shangs.
yours was the sweetest black cherry of them all!

01-15-2011, 02:52 AM
are you clear of all STIs and/or mental health disorders?

01-15-2011, 03:32 AM
are you clear of all STIs and/or mental health disorders?

Yes, but I'LL be the one asking the questions here! :P

If you're on the facey books, you guys should take my little qui-uh... i mean... fill out an application!

01-15-2011, 04:31 AM
¡Mucho Corazon!
You are an excellent choice for this year's Valentine! VERY excellent in fact! So excellent that I'm amazed we aren't dating already. What the hell? We should really get on that, hun.

Too bad about the balls. :/

Meeeeh, not really.

01-15-2011, 04:43 AM
it's not THAT too bad :P

01-16-2011, 01:03 AM
I cast my vote in.... I mean my quiz. It says we were meant to be. :P

The Empirical Guy
01-16-2011, 05:02 AM
I also got "excellent choice". But it's the distance, man... we're so far apart.

01-16-2011, 05:07 AM
Man... I need to make this quiz... i mean uh... application harder. Everyone's getting the same result :P

01-16-2011, 09:16 AM
Im stealing your facebook quiz idea :p

Ive been single for the past few valentines days, can't see this year being any different

01-16-2011, 12:18 PM
Valentines Day is one of the most depressing days of the year, but hey at least Marvel vs Capcom 3 comes out the next day.

01-16-2011, 11:46 PM
I also received the "excellent choice" result.

01-17-2011, 12:36 AM
I smell a trick qui--application. :|

01-27-2011, 05:19 PM
Yes, but I'LL be the one asking the questions here! :P

ah the deflection technique, I bet you're nutty as a box of frogs and ridden with herpes ;)