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02-07-2011, 10:03 AM
My name is Oliver Mitchell and I do art. My site [olivermitchell.eu (http://www.olivermitchell.eu)] features what I deem to be the best of the artwork I produce. With the help of MaryWhore (http://www.marywhore.com) the site is now multi-lingual [en, fr & de] and is updated as regularly as possible.
○ (http://www.olivermitchell.eu) ○ (http://www.olivermitchell.eu) ○ (http://www.olivermitchell.eu) ○ (http://www.olivermitchell.eu) ○ (http://www.olivermitchell.eu)
In addition to the site I will post new pieces etc. here, such as those below.

http://subter-supter.co.uk/olivermitchell.eu/efflorescence_sml.jpeg http://subter-supter.co.uk/olivermitchell.eu/efflorescence_dtl.jpeg http://subter-supter.co.uk/olivermitchell.eu/efflorescence_dtl_2.jpeg (http://www.olivermitchell.eu/efflorescence.html)
Efflorescence | Drawing Pencil | MMXI

http://subter-supter.co.uk/olivermitchell.eu/img/forbidden fruit_sml.jpeg http://subter-supter.co.uk/olivermitchell.eu/img/forbidden fruit_dtl.jpeg http://subter-supter.co.uk/olivermitchell.eu/img/forbidden fruit_dtl_2.jpeg (http://www.olivermitchell.eu/forbiddenfruit.html)
Forbidden Fruit | Drawing Pencil | MMX

http://subter-supter.co.uk/olivermitchell.eu/img/crucifix_sml.png http://subter-supter.co.uk/olivermitchell.eu/img/crucifix_dtl.png http://subter-supter.co.uk/olivermitchell.eu/img/crucifix_dtl_2.png (http://www.olivermitchell.eu/crucifix.html)
Crucifix | Mixed Media | MMX

02-07-2011, 10:18 AM
It's nice to see you Oliver, welcome to the Module, from one Englishman to another.
Are you no longer using Subter Supter predominantly? I've checked over that gallery numerous times, there's some great work on there. I really enjoy the pencilwork you do, the use of tone and shading is just right for the medium, not too much, not too little.

Note: Realised this is in the wrong section.

All sorted. That's a fucking cool avatar as well.

02-07-2011, 10:23 AM
No, I'm going to set up Subter-Supter to redirect to my new site later tonight so that site will be defunct until the end of my term owning it.
Really appreciate those compliments, though I am trying to be somewhat more conservative in what I put up. It will mean there is less stuff up, but what is up will be of a much higher standard.

And it is a pretty cool avatar, isn't it?