View Full Version : Torchwood: Miracle Day

05-08-2011, 09:23 AM
After the dramatic end to the last series of Torchwood, which saw Ianto dead, Captain Jack distancing himself from his team (running away) and Gwen and her husband pregnant, it is good to see the first trailers for the new series entitled "Miracle Day". Coming 8 July 2011, here are the first trailers for anyone interested:




The new series will also see guests from American actor Bill Pullman, and Star Trek's John De Lancie. It will also be a 10 part series as opposed to the four part Children of Earth

Personally I am very excited about this. I happen to like Torchwood. It will interesting to see what the show will be like now it is made by the US but I'm really looking forward to seeing the gang back.