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09-15-2011, 06:43 PM
I wasn't really sure where to post this question, so forgive me if this isn't the right subforum. A friend and I have been talking about ordering a bottle of Mansinthe/trying absinthe for the first time for a long time now and it recently got brought up again, so we decided we would just go for it finally and get a bottle. I can only assume a number of people on these forums have bought it, so I would love your advice on where to get it online. I live in Canada so the site would have to ship here.

Also, so as to not waste forum space on a question alone, please feel free to talk about and share your absinthe/mansinthe experiences and opinions.

09-15-2011, 07:49 PM

That works. Might be cheaper elsewhere though.

My brother loves the stuff, even though he hates Manson. Weird.

09-15-2011, 08:22 PM
It doesn't ship to Canada because it's illegal here (stupidly enough). I could have sworn that when Mansinthe first came out I saw a site that shipped from Switzerland to anywhere, in non-descriptive packaging.

09-15-2011, 09:12 PM
Ah! haha, I didn't even take into account that you're Canadian.

absinthe bunny
09-16-2011, 10:40 AM
I always buy absinthe from absinthe.de

EDIT: just checked and shipping worldwide is pretty expensive (if it's only 1 bottle you want), and I'm not sure if they ship to Canada, there is a small list but not sure if it's limited to those. Maybe email them to check.

09-17-2011, 08:51 AM
I got my Mansinthe years ago from absinthe.de as well. It was pretty expensive to have shipped to the U.S., but well worth it. Enjoy.

09-17-2011, 09:29 AM
US company that stocks Mansithe and does free shipping over $99 (not sure about Canada though)

09-17-2011, 10:12 AM
I think I saw a French website once that sold Mansinthe but it was really expensive lol. So good luck if you can afford it. Although, I would be interested to try the drink if I had the chance.

09-17-2011, 10:18 AM
It's not too pricey, about $50-$60 USD depending on where you get it, which is about average for a 750ml bottle of absinthe. I got two bottles previously, but granted it was more towards the beginning of my absinthe experiences so I couldn't really judge it. I've had a few more brands, and definitely want to compare it again.

Eat Me, Drink Me
09-17-2011, 06:01 PM
There is little or no wormwood in the mansinthe, but it won a couple of prices beacause of it`s good taste etc...

09-21-2011, 07:17 PM
There is little or no wormwood in the mansinthe...

Where have you heard that?

My understanding is that it has normal wormwood content and only sacrifices the thujone which is typically present so as to be allowed for sale in the U.S. (meaning less than 10 mg per kg) now that absinthe is legal here again.

But I've never seen anything about Mansinthe skimping on the wormwood.

Incidentally, speaking of absinthe being legal here again...

Also, so as to not waste forum space on a question alone, please feel free to talk about and share your absinthe/mansinthe experiences and opinions.

I have a response to your question in the form of a Mansinthe experience!


So I quasi-inadvertently drank a 20 year old bottle of my dad's Slivovitz Plum Brandy waaay back in high school (thinking he wouldn't notice it missing amongst his many other bottles and not realizing its history), so I've gotten him a couple bottles of it over the years just to be nice. He has a little plum-decorated silver server tray with a glass plum-capped carafe and a bunch of glass plum-stemmed double shot glasses, which he apparently entertains company with now and then since I got him one last Christmas and he already asked me where he could buy more last week.

He thought I'd have to pick it up in Chicago but I showed him where we could get it in Springfield, IL, much closer to the farm town he lives in.

While we were browsing at the liquor store I'd suggested, I was SHOCKED to discover they'd expanded their locked-up absinthe cabinet's selection from only 2 or 3 different brands just a few months ago to more like 10 different brands as of last week.



It was the first time I'd ever laid eyes on it in a store and actually had the money to buy some, so I bought it on the spot and made my dad drink Mansinthe with me while he dozed off trying to watch "The O'reilly Factor" later that night.

The next day we went to work on the cabin my dad and I are building in the woods, so I brought the Mansinthe along since we were receiving delivery of a loaned table-saw from my dad's pal Jack (an ex-cop from Chicago) and Jack's girlfriend out at the cabin site. Jack and his gal are pretty hardcore old drinkers, so I was excited to share it with them. We unloaded the table-saw and I poured everyone a decent-sized glass.

Drinking Mansinthe in the woods with my dad and an ex-cop...LOVE IT!


But they didn't like it much, sadly. So after they had a couple sips (and having paid $70 myself), I poured their glasses into mine and finished 'em off while we worked and hung out for a bit.

Later on I met up with a pal of mine to go to a party. But first I made him have a glass of Mansinthe with me, of course! He dug it, but we had to go so I half-filled an empty water bottle with the straight stuff so I could bring some to share at the party.

About an hour later, finally at the party, I divided what I'd brought into five glasses and hooked up a bunch of pals. But they didn't like it much after a couple quick tastes, so I poured them into a giant glass for myself and finished it off within a half hour or so...right as someone handed me a big ass hit of acid!!!

:P<-- Right there.

And then I pretty much blacked out about half-an-hour later.

The last thing I remember is leaving the garage where we had the drinks and acid and going back to the backyard's fire pit. I can clearly recall several of us kicking the logs into better burning positions before I just said FUCK IT and took off my boots and socks and started kicking the burning logs while barefoot. Then I picked up my boots, carried them through the fire (still barefoot), threw them into the fire pit...and then I walked away into the night.

I remember that and it all seeming perfectly rational at the time, so I guess I was still reasonably in control of my faculties at that point, lol.

I woke up later on the hallway floor in a totally different house and kinda scratched my head over that before moving to a sofa and passing back out. A couple hours later a pal checked on me and filled me in on what happened in the 4 or 5 hours I didn't remember.

I guess he saved my boots from the fire and piled a bunch of us into his truck (and a small fleet of Radio Flyers!) so we could move the party across the town to a different place. He threw a sandwich at me on the way and I found leftovers in the back seat and threw what ended up being frog legs back at him, prompting him to throw me over a wall and slam me down on the ground out of the blue when we got where we were going minutes later. (He's a brute giant of a bastard and we go way back and roughhouse all the time and I never would have known if he hadn't told me, so w/e, lol.) Then I guess I went crazy -- probably around the time the acid was kicking in while my blackout drunk was already underway, go figure -- and played with their big ass dog on the enclosed trampoline, broke a beer bottle and rolled around in it while cuddling with the bottleneck like it was a nice, fluffy doll, passed out in the gravel in their backyard before moving to sleep inside under the stairs down to their kids' rec. room. Apparently I knocked a bunch of their toys out of the way 'cause it was a mess when I went back down to pick 'em up later. I'm assuming I was trying to pass out there because I may have thought it was the stairway I rented as an apartment in Chicago, possibly? And that apartment was the last place I had an electric toothbrush because a roommate stole it, so that might explain why we found my pal's wife's electric toothbrush in the pocket of my jeans in the morning. I guess I thought I'd found mine, maybe? (I bought her a new one in the morning...thank FUCK it was a disposable and not a SoniCare or some shit!)

So anyway.

I was kinda confused at first about why I'd blacked-out like that since normally I can drink absinthe or drop acid etc., etc., etc. all day long with no problems whatsoever. But then I got back to my Mansinthe bottle a day-and-a-half later and realized there was only a quarter of it left.

THEN it all made sense.

I'd tried to share it with a BUNCH of people but basically finished all their drinks on my own. Which means that aside from the round with my dad the night before the party and the couple tiny little sips my pals had, I drank 3/4ths of a Mansinthe bottle myself in about six hours flat.


Sorry to ramble on but...yeah.

Sure, they needed new laces after all that BUT NAOW MY BOOTZ LOOK FUCKING AWESOME, right?



So let that be a lesson to you.


Incidentally, the store I found the Mansinthe at was a Friar Tuck wines/spirits/beverages shop.

I was all excited to report back to everyone that they could get it there, but it turns out there's only 7 of them, spread out across Illinois and Missouri.


For what it's worth...


4635 Highway K
O'Fallon, Mo 63366

792 Gravois Buffs Boulevard
Fenton, MO 63026

9053 Watson Road
St. Louis, MO 63126

2401 Maloney Drive
Bloomington, Illinois 61704
Open 10A-10P Mon-Sat/Noon-8 Sun

1333 Savoy Plaza Drive
Savoy, Illinois 61874
Open 10A-10P Mon-Sat/Noon-8P Sun

2930 Constitution Drive
Springfield, Illinois 62704
Open 10A-10P Mon-Sat/11A-8P Sun

1401 West Glen
Peoria, Illinois 61614
Open 10A-10P Mon-Sat/11A-7P Sun



Eat Me, Drink Me
09-24-2011, 04:12 PM
If you are looking for a bottle of Absinthe that will make you hallucinate, then you can get stronger absinthe than this one, at least here in europe. We can also buy those kind of absinthe here in Europe that you are talking about. Btw, I might be mistaking about the wormwood, it was the tujone I was talking about. But since this Mansinthe is supposed to taste very good, I might order a bottle.