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10-17-2011, 04:27 AM
I managed to find the Autopsy video on youtube that is shown on the Lest We Forget dvd. I haven't watched it in years, I remember first watching it when I was 13.

Warning: Not for the squeamish.


The Empirical Guy
10-19-2011, 01:05 AM
Cool story bro, I watch this all the time on the Lest We Forget DVD.

10-19-2011, 06:21 AM
Cool story bro, I watch this all the time on the Lest We Forget DVD.

Well La Di Da.



It's amusing, I don't watch it often. Seen it once, no need to anymore. Doesn't interest me anymore.

I'm hurt that you didn't use my upload of this video. I uploaded it like 2 years ago. :(

11-10-2011, 09:33 AM
Here are some of my notes about Autopsy, a short film I still really enjoy. As the film starts you see words, one legible, the other reversed: LEADER - LASREVINU

Simply flip the latter word, then place it before the other and these two read as they should - "Universal Leader"

[Video] (http://www.archive.org/details/CincinnatusSMPTEFilmLeader_Test_)

Here is a screenshot:-


The SMPTE Leader was essentially a safety catch at the beginning of a film reel, used to indicate the feature was loaded and running properly. I expect a lot of people will be familiar with the black and white countdown from old film stock or newsreel footage. I don't know if Manson's Leader is customised, but for the most part it is very similar to the original.

The Universal version was created in the 1960s (a significant decade for Holy Wood), and as noted, features several pieces of text. There is no great mystery to them, phrases like "Foot" or "Picture Start" really were just meant to show the film was stable and playing properly. Most versions have a countdown, alongside the various letters and numbers we see during Autopsy. Although it is coincidental, the Leader often shows the combinations M35 M35 (which I imagine represents 35-Millimetre film stock). I'll leave it to the fairly-obvious-imagination why those numbers and letters appear remarkable in this context.

The most likely reading of the Leader's inclusion I have considered, (besides authenticity) is that it serves as a secondary metaphor for the figure of President Kennedy. Obviously the autopsy itself reflects famous shots of Kennedy's head ripped to pieces post-mortem, and similar autopsy pictures of Lee Harvey Oswald, but I consider the phrase "Universal Leader" itself to encapsulate Kennedy, Christ, their crucifixions, and the manner in which people turned the President's death into a "Universal" symbol for nationwide suffering, regardless of whether anyone else's head exploded.
I guess on a lesser, though no less harrowing level, the almost pithy parallel is being made by Manson between the "Foot" of the Leader, and the feet of his own corpse, seen at the start of the film. Not an enormous stretch, given his own re-enactment of Kennedy's death during Coma White, and various dictatorial guises adopted onstage and during albums, Manson himself is the Universal Leader, a "Revolution Man" if you will.

Regarding that foot-note, it does indeed have Manson's birthday as his "Deathday" on the toe-tag. It's a little difficult to get a quality shot of it, given the aged effect of the film, but this should be adequate:-


It's difficult to work out what the secondary field is, but I think it reads something like this:-

Gender: M [Male]
Date Of Death/Birth (?): 1 - 5 - 1969

One other detail that interests me is the fact that Kennedy's assassination took place on a Friday (22.11), and Lee Harvey Oswald's assassination was on the following Sunday (24.11), directly in keeping with the dates of the Crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who was reported to have died on the cross during Friday, and rose after lying in the tomb for three consecutive days on the Sunday. Chillingly, in regards this film and the parallels it demonstrates between Kennedy and Oswald, Manson himself, unless my research is mistaken, was born on a Sunday.

Back to the film. The chest incisions already performed on Manson match those of Lee Harvey Oswald's public autopsy photographs.

http://providermodule.com/Administrators/S.D./AutopsyOswald (2).png


They're slightly further apart from one another, but Oswald's gunshot wound to the ribs is visible in the pictures, and bears some resemblance to Manson's "spear-wound" on Holy Wood:-



If you compare the second and third images posted, Mansons make-up replicates Oswald's bruised eye, inflicted by police officers before he was shot by Ruby. If you look at custody pictures of Oswald from the 23rd, you can see the black eye on the left, but I imagine posthumously it would have darkened significantly due to rigor mortis and the cessation of blood flow.

It interests me immensely that the images of both Kennedy and Oswald show that no one observed the tradition of closing the eyelids to preserve dignity after death. Overall, I think Manson's intention was to amalgamate images of the two dead men, perhaps commentating the Celebritarian idea that death is death regardless, the dead don't have the benefit of recognising their own celebrity, surely in death Oswald and Kennedy are no different?

Chew over that lot if you thought it was just a throwaway video.