View Full Version : "And If/Good Nightmare Slug" <-- A poem of mine

01-26-2012, 03:17 AM
"And If I have beautiful sex

with 10 beautiful women in 5 beautiful days, my days are numbered.

You will see me in the act, but I will be aware...

You will seek out these 10 , now , divine angels, and rape them

torture them in my name, tell everyone that it was me, Lies deceat oh what a "treat"...

My lovers will bear the seed of the thistle - you - and they will die giving birth to

monsters, your offspring, which killed the seed of me - life -

Freaks will be born, and you tell what you saw me do, to police, authorities, pricks.

Deoxyribonucleic acid samples will be made, but the doctors who perform it,

will twist the truth and cast it back on me, I will be hanged, cruzified, beheaded, burned,

But oh my limbs crawl away and hide until the day that my hands, my mutilated left

and my overused right, come alive like insects, And they claim justice,

Sneaking up behind you to break your neck in your sleep, my manicured fingernails.

from the deep

Redeem sophia