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Teena Byrd
03-21-2012, 02:40 PM
We’re at The Box in NY and head to the basement. I pull you into the loo with me and kneel down in front of you as you take hold of the brass pipe above. I kiss it ‘til it’s nice and hard, sticking straight out at me. I pull a fruit roll-up from my waistband: strawberry, of course. I wrap I around your cock and press my lips agsainst your tip, in threat and promise. I stand and kiss you before I turn and grab the bar. I pull myself up and clumsily slide my legs over the bar. Hanging upside-down, I slowly reach for you, making sure I’m balanced. You step forward for me, and I kiss it, cupping your nuts. You say, “Hmmm…Don’t mind if I do….” As you push my skintight pencil skirt down (which is now up). You spill your drink down my front, mixing the taste of black licorice with my wonderfully strawberry sugar-coated penis-stick. I’ll be sticky for sure…but I’m all in black…so I don’t think it will show. All the same, I mock warning with a hold between my teeth – really more of an expression in my frustration for wanting you everywhere all at once. You set your drink on the bench behind us and push up your sleeves. You slip on green latex gloves with a snap and dip your fingers into me. I hold you by the hips to maintain control of my balance, and pull you deeper into my throat. I use my hands to push you back and forth, putting the full stroke into practice. Melting the syrup-y treat for you, I grab you with both hands and smooth the treat over you as I twist you into my mouth. Some of it is sticking to your pubic hair, but I can’t suck you thoroughly enough in this position to clean it. I use one hand to push that back on you, and the other to pull you into my mouth. You move your second hand behind me and squeeze my ass as you split the fingers inside me, placing now one in my ass and the other in my puss. I become more demanding, angry that you would drive me so crazy upside-down, and smash you into my face, wrapping my hands around your ass so you can’t back out. You spread my legs along the bar and bow your head into my pie. You kiss me so deeply and with such a warm tongue, that I have to let go to breathe. Becoming lazy, I let go of my kiss upon your cock as I feel I need to hang on as I near shaking orgasm. You stop kissing it, perhaps to punish me. You pull me down as I start to kiss your tip with pressure-kisses again. On my feet again, you tell me to turn around, but I kiss your mouth like I’m eating or suffocating you as I greedily use both hands to try to get as much fruit roll-up stickiness off your cock as quickly as possible. I push you into the door accidentally in my haste. You take the bar above and lean into me, kissing me back and taking control of me. I turn with my gloating smile and breathless fear, knowing you’re going to de-flower me, Scaredy-Cat that I am, and that it’s going to hurt in the way that being filled does…but also be so good that it turns me to stone as I ‘still,’ begging for it…afraid to do something wrong…afraid you’ll take it away…afraid you’ll make me wait. You hold the bar on the outside of my hands as you slide into me, and wrap them around my arms and slide them down my body as you fuck me. I move one hand behind your head and lean my neck back as I pull you over my shoulder for a kiss. You put your hand around my throat and kiss the side of my neck. You kick my legs open wider and wrap your arm around my waist as you smash up into me and push me down on you at the same time. Fucking me so hard, I come instantly and twirl around to rape you in the kiss you denied me. It forces you into the door again, and trying to climb you, we smack into the sink. I get you on the bench and greedily climb into your lap with a drunk smile, naïve to any possibility of failure or rejection. You keep your legs open to force me into a wide stance, smile like you want to hurt me, daring me to take a seat and testing if I can still do the splits…’Why does it have to be so tight in here?...’ Able to take such a stance, you accept me bumping your tip with my wet crotch by resigning yourself to your fate as you close your legs. Sliding down onto you fully, I lean back as I hold onto the bar above. You wrap yourself around me and kiss my body. You kiss my ribs underneath my breast, and count the difference on each side as you do. I push forward onto you so I can rock my pelvis, and the act causes me to smear myself all over you. I ride with force…very ‘squeezing’ strokes with my pussy, pointed petting of my clitoris with each re-newed sitting…ending each ‘kiss’ with the [lift] back every time I reach your base. I bow my face into your kiss and you take me by the hips and move me in a circle as you come inside me. Wow-ed that you would smear yourself so fully inside me, I press you back further and ride you in a lifted stance, only swallowing your tip, re-newing your hard-on. I bite your lip, and pop on and off your head. Drunk on the glow of you inside me, I lift from your kiss like I’m having a religious moment, tilting my head back, eyes closed, mouth open. You pull me back down into your kiss and pull my hair. You step up so I’m forced to standing, and I take hold of the door as you turn me around and fuck me from behind. You pull my hair like reigns, forcing my back into an arch and spanking me. I come again as you make me feel like such a bad girl and so hopeless in your arms. “There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you” slips out of my mouth as I am centered and grounded in the release. You take full advantage of it and slip it up my ass. I try to hold my breath so I don’t embarrass myself with the scream, and you pet my clit, forcing me to wash you in my come again and cry out for all to hear. I feel like I’m showering you and you strangle me with both hands as you come a second time into my ass. “Oh God! Fuck you!” escapes my tongue as I worship you in this [applause] and damn you for the vulnerability you evoke from you when I’m in your arms. It’s not really a pejorative or a curse but more of a begging. “Do it to me again, Marilyn Manson. I never want to be without you! Fuck me to death!”

03-21-2012, 02:57 PM
Wall of text is more impenetrable than the Berlin Wall.

The Empirical Guy
03-22-2012, 05:43 AM