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A wind blows through my window slightly from the northwest. It is approximately 57 degrees F. Spring is here and my gland is swollen. Suddenly a woman messages me on the internet and wants to cyber. I oblige her and engage in a discussion about how to gently use a whip on a vagina. Fruits, incense, and free ranging animals enter into the discussion. The rain is light and coating my garden. It is coating the long grass, rapes, flowers and soil. I feel entranced.

Her descriptions of slow tantric all night sex in the middle of Eden bring me to the point of climax, and then she degrades me. It makes me cry and I am no longer aroused. She allows me to rest before continuing with all that she has planned for me. Trap doors under a bed of rose petals that leads to a pit full of monsters and infernos. She promises only help me out if I begged and groveled as humanoids try to rape me. I plead for her via text to pull me out, and she extends a switch from a tree and explains how she would beat me with it. She allows penetration once again and I am in pain, filled with terror, and embarrassment as I cannot control my bucking and leaking of premature fluids. My imagination has run wild. Crazed with plots of rape, but I regain my senses.

At this point she refuses to continue cybering with me. I put on my pants and shoes and step out into the rain, into the garden. The breeze is still light, and the rain continues to fall. The flowers, long grass, rapes and soil are like aphrodisiacs flooding my olfactory cavities and spreading to my loins. I unzip and begin to cum into the breeze, inseminating the garden. The smell of rain, soil, rose petals and semen is euphoric. I am in paradise temporarily. I have been fulfilled. The Earth and I have made love. All is well.

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