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04-29-2012, 04:11 AM
Takhisis Machoire Disorder

She wraps her wicked claws over my left jaw
Tearing through my mouth and into my right eye
A vice grip that cannot be undone
A lock with no key
Her redbelly flash a constant burn
The queen is not a friend of mine
And the sun is unforgiving
Concieved through addiction
And an orthotic that won't stop the bite
I pray for the winter solstice
The cool wind will shrink her arms
And turn white with the snow
Camouflaged in the season
The clouds fold her blue eyes
I still know she is here
I will reach peace in the cold with no drugs
She is weak without my poision
And she will die by the fall
I still pray for the rain


I was the unknown
I was the addict
I was numb
Some you never see
I am the one you never saw
A ghost
The phantom
You saw me everyday
But never saw what I had become
The poison was the car
I was driving when I crashed
This final sip will mark the past
And is the smybol of my beginining
I have been sleeping many years
When I awake i'll be all alone
But I will have found myself
This is my restoration