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05-10-2012, 12:47 AM
This story is going to be graphic, Obscene, and Violent in some cases.
I awoke at to 6 AM to the sounds of screaming, peaked through the window, only cats. I roll out of bed and find my footing, sex stains from the night before still fresh on the sheets, I check my phone. They need me in work, I strip off my clothes as my flacid penis must have been a rough night I think top myself as I notice a vomit pile in my bathroom, how odd as I go out of the shower careful to turn the nozzle off, I step on some broken glass, yup it was a good night. I get my boxers on carefully and pull my dress pants up hmm silk just the way I like it, I put on my shirt and matching coat . On my way out I notice I have a message from my secretary, It reads: I hope, I didn't offend you with what I asked last night, I try to remember what I was asked, Ah! of course she wants to move in shit well I'm divorced now not going to matter to much. I message her back: I'll give you my answer at work. I play with my pockets to search for my keys, Damn..I remember something I gave them to a friend. I call him up with this message: Hey, I need my keys to get to work, I stall around until he texts back stating he gambled them away, I ask him to meet me at my home later, taxi time I suppose. Call up a taxi searching through the books find one close to me, It arrives, where to? I answer The tallest building in the city. Next page--->

05-10-2012, 01:23 AM
I pass by a farm on the way to work whilst still in the car. If only my life was that easy I think, I chat up the man driving me with a island accent You must have seen quite a bit in your days... He replies yes, a good number of through most of the city and parts of it you wouldn't want to go to at nights I've been I ask what is the oddest thing you have seen in your times here in the city, His reply it could differ there are many men who dress as women so be aware of that when you're at the bar hard to tell who has a man part who doesn't, I can agree with that, He interupts: There is also a good supply of illegal drugs running throughout the city but you didn't hear this from me, I think to myself a good buisness opportunity maybe. I finally arrive downtown to my destination I give him the fee and he says: Sir that building is marvellous, My reply: to bad there are so many dicks the with the ego the size of it. I walk in to find The cops here. One in a black suit addresses me. Halt you can't go up there someone just jumped a couple hours ago. I ask whom, his reply I'm sorry can't release to many details but whoever it was didn't feel anything. I work here is it ok for me to go up to my office or, contact someone. Oh, you work here? Yes I reply my secretary named Jessica finds me eventually while still talking to the officer. There you are well shits been heating up today the Boss offed himself. I ask why, She replies: The boss offed himself for some reason I think his daughter was caught whoring again. hmm, That sounds fishy Jessica says don't mean smells? I reply I wouldn't know,, Well the other head hanchos are meeting soon in a private room seeing as your one of them I would have thought you'd have been there, Yeah I should.. My friend has my keys for now, I've given some thought to what you've asked and I think it would be nice for us to be closer. She says, well that we can agree on you better get to that meeting..she eyes my pants, I reply later... Jessica says Don't keep me waiting all day, I reply No worries there.. Right this way sir. a guard directs me, ah you finally made it , a fat man with a bald head in a suit says to me, yeh I've came, a little late aren't we?, long night, well The CEO of the company took a dive and so has our stock quite a shitload. Let me see, I hold up the graph Fuck! Well I think I may have an answer we'll have to get a new CEO seeing as he had no children maybe drawing out of a pail would even the odds.. A arguement erupts, Good gods man you love to create chaos but I see it as the only valid option states a elderly gentleman in white suit. Anyone object , none have just for the record we should have someone not one of us pull out the card, In comes a lady dressed in a leather outfit smashing her very large breasts in, I'll do it, Well It's decided she pulls out a card I think: Dear whatever has been looking out for me my whole life help me now.She shouts my name, Time stands still for a moment I fall out of my chair.
To be continued.

05-15-2012, 11:50 PM
Are you ok? a nervous voice asks, Yeah I'm fine just kind of odd feeling is all. I crawl up to my feet slowly, I ask:what is our agenda? To which the men around reply, It's your choice , Hmm well we should call it a day for now but continue production in all sectors. Very well sir, I call up my friend on the phone and, ask him were to meet, He says we should go to the bar he knows, I ask, is there any shady dealings your not telling me about? No of course not I wouldn't betray you...

07-03-2012, 11:38 PM
When he arrived at the hangout, He seen a person being eaten on by another person, He ask's is this normal? Of course it is, Why else would we keep humans as slaves? Maybe for the thrill of it all? No, no we enjoy The thirst that runs through their veins, The taste of them wouldm ake angels orgasm boy. Really? I responded Would that make me more horny or less thirsty? The Boss in question responded with a silen voice you're one of usm Just bite deeply, and forget everything else...

09-06-2012, 09:55 PM
I awaken to find myself in a bed with a nude lady next to me with gore and blood surrounding the floor, A ear couple of fingers. He notices his pants are gone what happened he asks the girl. You're awake! my name is Sin. Pleasures all mine, But what exactly happened? Well You're one of us now Get dressed and let's go downstairs. I find a suit in the wardrobe close to the bed, A bit snug around the balls but it works out. So...did we have sex he asks Sin. Something like that. I arrive in a nightclub and what appears to be a hangout for teenagers and such. Follow me Sin say's. So we walk some more eventually reaching stairs, We go up them to what is balcony. Father. This is the one that survived Good he says, My name is Victor, You're one of us now don't you see, A vampire.

09-22-2012, 11:04 PM
*Soemthing seperate I just feel the need to put out* Somewhat stupid, overrated cupid destined to fall, aA toxic heretic I've risen above you all, Hated for being an othing told to be a ruse, So sick of you and your lies, I could swallow up a fly, Evertime I think of you, You make me want to gag, Call me a loser, I call you a dope hinged fag, I feel like I'm ready to gag from your assinine behavior a hero let down is a loser sold to themselves.