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05-23-2012, 08:52 AM

First off, forgive the poor consctruction of this post, as I am writing to you from a tablet.

I am actually releasing an album of my own soon, and in researching it, I found an interesting bit on circular and square halos.

According to wikipedia, the circular halo denotes the image was created after the death of the person in question. A square one means they are currently alive. Popes with paintings comissioned during their living years are given square halos.

This adds a new layer to the lin econcerning 'square haloed angels' that can be found in 'Hey Cruel World'

Which/whose angels this line refers to... I cannot say. I mean, I have a avery good idea, but a friend asked me to keep it under wraps.

Keep poking around, friends.


05-23-2012, 09:12 AM
I think he meant there are no good or bad in physical form like a devil and an angel to blame them for something, being it good or bad... that they (good and bad) are both in each person, balanced.

Sans Agendum
05-23-2012, 09:49 AM
I took it to have something to do with right angles representing disharmony with nature and the idea of 'squaring the circle'. Basically the idea of fallen angels.

05-23-2012, 09:53 AM
Well I (like everyone else) have been trying to decode BV. So far, I've got that there are two different entities, he Flowers and the Gardener.
Hey Cruel World seems like a intro track, The Flowers saying that the cruel world doesn't have what it takes because everything is balanced...The Gardener is like CREATOR PRESERVER DESTROYER and I AM AMONG NO ONE. I might create a new discussion on which songs are specific to the gardener. Let's just say the lines at the end of Born Villain song and Breaking the same old ground are two different people.

Also 'angels' from Murderers. And we know Manson loves right angles (Celebretarian Cross)

05-26-2012, 12:58 AM
I like the word play with angels/angles. My brother's band project is called Angles for that very reason.

Beyond that, the OP's finding of square=living, circle=dead seems legit, although I'm sure the squared circle, freemasonry thing was something Manson intended as well, since he's demonstrated a high level of knowledge in that area.

Alternate theory: "Square" isn't referring to the halos, but to the angels themselves. As in "those haloed angels sure are a bunch of squares." Mostly kidding. But you never know.

05-26-2012, 12:19 PM
I've always seen "drugged-out devils and square-halo angels" as the two sides of society. Its kind of like the two mainstreams, the pop-culture and the counter-culture. I know the trilogy is really popular, so the two of them could be compared to the difference between HOLY WOOD and the Valley of Death.

What OP said about square halos is accurate, about the pope being portrayed with a square halo. So, you could guess which side of society that refers to. And so you could probably guess, by process of elimination, who the "drugged-out devils" are...

After all, this isn't his first statement against the way both sides of society are.

This is what you deserve. This is what we deserve.


We are not a victim. You are not a victim.The trilogy is, in itself, a story that holds both sides of each story equally accountable for the bad things they do. Its like a cycle, that must be broken by someone at some point.

And in the GAG era, he expressed his view of two sides of society. Aside from comments in Doppelherz, he says that "the young are too senile" and that "the aspiration to save the world is a morbid phenomenon of today's youth", in a few lines in his music he took a stab at each side:

Better of Two Evils:

I'll be your scapegoat. I'll be your saviour. I'm the better of two evils. I want to hang all you cattle with your VELVET ROPE. Motherfuckers, step up and get into an orderly line. I'll show you how to make a muscle. It takes less strength to grin than it does to spit on all you paparazzinazis.


Don't try to lead me to temptation.
I've been delivered and I already know the way.


This isn't music and we're not a band.
We're 5 middle fingers on a motherfucking hand.

I won't pull out I just came. I want all of the blame. Your love is tin. Faith is thin. No concept of pain. Right to complain. All you fagazines, senile teens, jaw me, black ball me. Deejay yourself away and turn your back, it will be easier to stab.


VIP ADD TRD violent shiny hate crime "Total Requested Dead", it's version point (less) downloadable suicide. The only ones left standing are the ones not demanding. This isn't a show, this is my fucking life. I'm not ashamed you're entertained, but I'm not a puppet. I am a grenade.

Then there was Mutilation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery, a song written with Warner Bros' performers My Chemical Romance in mind, but also coincides with being a comment about society's counter-culture in general. Which, given his past record of outspeaking against the counter-culture, I think he also had in mind. But I can't speak for him.

Then there was Blank and White, with lines like:

All you fuckers vote 'beep beep beep' in drunk karaoke cars. If it's too dumb to see, or say, you still sing it, and I'll just cue the applause.and

Lets make sure the music is loud enough we won't even hear it endcould easily be talking about either mainstream since they both are known for playing music loudly. But the counter-culture is well known for tending to listen to louder sounding music because it annoys their parents and pisses them off, etc.

But yeah, those are some reasons I think "drugged-out devils" is about the counter-culture.