View Full Version : Don't turn on my burners

07-05-2012, 11:42 AM
I've like a greasy gas stove with a short fuse. Don't turn on my burner or I'll blow up on you.
I'm a slow leak while you are sleeping, a rancid perfume. Don't inhale my smoke or I will
suffocate you. Gaskets and gadgets, boiling and broiling. Fire and water and hot racks
that you use. Grrrrrrrr I'm a crouching tiger waiting to be uncaged. Snarl, I'm a swarm of
locusts THE PLAGUE.

People running and screaming and I'm naked just in shoes. Running with a chainsaw through
streets after you. Police man can't see me and you look confused. Booooggggalooooo, here
I comes after youz. Roar, I am thunder and rumble rumble boom.

Don't turn on my burners or I'll blow up on you. Grrr, ahhh, oooooooooog I'm in your house while
your family takes a snooze. I creak open the door and your wife is in the nude. I slip inside
her and there's nothing you can do. Growwwwwwwl, hissss, nose bleed and I'm coming back

Snarl snarl thunder boom boom. Growl, hiss, snarl, pitch, silent afternoon. *GONG