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Teena Byrd
08-13-2012, 01:11 AM
Put Me in Marilyn Manson's Lap

I’m so glad to see you! Lindsay walks in before you, and I walk up to her and attempt to hug and kiss her, but she steps to the side, not embracing me back. I still manage to peck her and pet her shoulders before she’s thankfully out of my way. I walk into your arms, and I ask if I can kiss you. You say “Yes,” and I kiss you on your right cheek. You turn your face and I kiss your other cheek, not willing to let you go. I keep kissing you, mounting in that moment where I want to climb and suffocate you, and you surprise me when you ever so slightly stick your tongue out of the corner of your mouth. I sigh at the touch of it between my lips…an onomatopoeia escaping me as I take a moment to re-collect my center and ground myself. I copy you, and keeping the kissing going on the left side of your mouth, but with little darts of the tongue instead of pecks. You keep meeting mine with yours, and I’m just about to die in the heat of it. I want to not be in a public place so I can take you now. You take a step forward, and I match you, causing me to spread my legs. Your next step places you between my legs, a happy accident, and I moan into a conjured orgasm that is only available to one in [wait]. You laugh at me, as you laughed at me at the top of our first threesome, and I close my eyes and smile with that maniacal glee that says “I just had Marilyn Manson again!”

After the show, we play repeat, and you show me your [kitty-cats] again. You cup yourself with both hands when you drop your pants, and I kneel before you. You turn from me to show me the tattoo on your back again, but I won’t let you tease tonight. I peel away your hands and kiss the real thing: Marilyn Manson’s penis. I swallow it down deep and beat you into my face. Coating my god in my warm spit, I pull on it and twist it’s end to feel you in my palm all the better. I sink further into my heels to take your balls into my mouth as I pet your hard-on. I look up at you and you’re looking down at me…You use your fingertips to push at the base of your penis, suggesting I take your cock out of my mouth. I lean back as you sub-consciously take a step forward as we momentarily break our kiss As you take it out, you smack me with it…and I am pistol-whipped. You place me on the couch and rise up between my legs like a snake steam-rolling over my body. Your cock athrust inside me, I arch in receipt of it. You fuck me slow, and I am in worship of this manifestation of Marilyn Manson between my legs (just like the visual in your “Putting Holes in Happiness” POV scene). I wrap my legs around you, an attempt to own you…and I place my mark on you with a scratch of my nails down your back. You lean down to me and bite me on my neck…my collarbone…my breasts…my mouth. I explode in a wetness that is pure white, and splash around your cock. You pull up from our kiss with a satisfied sound and tilt your head back as you drive deeper into me, spilling your seed so deep inside me…I think I have become another dimension.

I love you, Marilyn Manson! Love me back[stage & everywhere else]~! Call me again, Snake-Charmer! Let me sit in your lap and call it my home!

08-13-2012, 08:24 AM
I wonder if you'll try and murder him one day. Headlines would be crazy.

Dope Box
08-13-2012, 09:00 AM
Put Marilyn Manson in my lap!

I take your cock out and put it in my mouth. And bite it. Guess you can't make anymore penis jokes :( :P