View Full Version : Digital Dreams

08-24-2012, 08:02 AM
I woke up, today with a massive headache
There is no one left to say
Where the stitch is in my brain
I woke up today, I woke up again today

Theories are only fiction
Watch your diction
The matrix has given birth
Welcome to space-ship earth

I woke, today, I woke up
I didn't want to go down sleepy eyed
I wanted to rise
Fuck the system, give me instinct

Think of a solution with a problem
Twist the history book until it solves em'
Warped past, warped text
I am no longer alien, alienated

This is the end, nearing the tipping point
Press the button, open your eyes
World on fire, getting closer and closer
To freedom from perfected lies

Break the bank that keeps us subserviant
Screw the leash tethered to the government
Open minds and devour the pigs
Broken noses bleeding remains

Theories are only fiction
Watch your diction!
The matrix has you blacked in
Warriors of the only begotton ones