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09-01-2012, 03:44 PM
I'm really going to work hard to make some good films for class, but what I really want to do is make my own movie. So here's one of my ideas, but I think I'll only add some deetz I thought of on the side. I've got a working title, it's set in 2020 and all computers are free but you buy them from gov. corporations who monitor everything you write, and sometimes reply. Basically, thought control. There is mass hysteria over an epidemic sweeping the populations across the planet. It's somewhat similar to schizophrenia, as it strikes people at random and has no known cause or cure. I forget what I called it, but it starts out as sudden claustrophobia and then your blood cells begin to attack/cancer that doesn't go away, but turns you homocidal. People go into DID type bouts where they kill people around them or have violent escapades

. Hospitals are filled to the rim with people imprisoned due to this sudden epidemic. The movie is about one man in his 20's whose dream is to eradicate the population of the disease, but on the side works for a publishing company. He begins to develop symptoms of the "virus" after studying it, and a split personality where he goes to work and then suddenly goes into bouts of hatred and loathing. The disease hasn't progressed through half the movie to the point where he's homicidal, but it's basically a social commentary on consumerism and how America and other industrial societies are making people sick the the point of hysteria. One side deet is that water costs a ton of money, like way more than gas costs. So what is the cause for this disease? I haven't quite figured that out, but it's going to be related to Sonar and HAARP blasting the ozone with signals. What do you all think? It's obviously complex, but doable. I just need a few people to act crazy, and some cheesy effects for blood etc. I'm shooting it all on my iphone or similar cheap camcorder.

For class I have some boring assignments. First is a 3 minute silent film describing my personality. The second is a 3 minute social issue related to me and the third is a 10 minute anything on a social issue. I wondered if anyone had some insights into filming or had knowledge of good books on amazon to read.
I've got film makers eye and a few PDF's on angles. I'm really new to the whole thing, but that's been my dream my whole life..to make movies.

The Wax Gentleman
09-05-2012, 06:23 PM
Hi, it certainly sucks that you haven't gotten any proper feedback yet for this. I think it's a brilliant idea.I make movies a lot myself, namely Harry Potter parodies, but if you want this to be as amazing as it sounds written down here, you should never try to film with an iPhone. That's a shit idea. If you REALLY want to make this great, grab a semi-professional camera, (obviously save up first,) don't do anything too cheesy, and find good filming locations. I'm trying to film something amazing right now, and what you absolutely need is patience. If this is intended to be good, you have to try hard to make it so, and that requires a lot of time.

09-05-2012, 08:08 PM
Ok good, I didn't know if the cellphone would work well enough. It's the new one but oh well. I have an old handycam but I want to get a better camera eventually.