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09-02-2012, 05:40 AM
I have recently created a Play Station 3 Marilyn Manson based theme! I was searching and searching for a decent one for what seemed like forever & although I found a few MM based themes they weren't what I was looking for and some we're far too simple. So, I figured I'd make my own! It was the first PS3 Theme I've created & honestly, it turned out great & I figured PS3 users on here would appreciate it more than anyone! So, give it a download & let me know what you think (on here or on the site it's located!) & if you like it; share, comment, rate, etc.. and most of all enjoy!

This is a Marilyn Manson PS3 Theme. It is based on all of Marilyn Manson’s different Eras (Portrait of an American Family – Antichrist Superstar – Mechanical Animals – Holywood – The Golden Age of Grotesque – Eat Me, Drink Me – The High End of Low – & Born Villain) The home icons are each of the era’s symbols in chronological order in relation to each of the eras. The rest of the icons are pictures of him from each different era (+ included a few from in between his major eras such as “Smells Like Children” & “Lest We Forget”) Includes 15 different live concert backgrounds (HD & SD) from each different era!
(NOTE: Theme does contain the Golden Age of Grotesque symbol between Holywood & Eat Me, Drink Me..it's just not shown in the preview picture & also contains many more icons/photos then shown in this preview.)

Download (comment & rate) at:

Any and all feedback is welcome! (even on it as a PS3 Theme in general)