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09-19-2012, 02:23 AM

The rain pelted him. The darkness in the air was stifling, but not for a short stalky boy in a pleated jacket. His hair was in a mop over his face, dark brown. Tears filled his eyes. Because for this boy, the rain was not stifling, but it was soothing. Soothing in a secret way. The secret way that could be shared with no one else but one person. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a small object wrapped in wire.

He held the object in his right hand, and with his left he painted away the sorrows of Neverland. Somewhere the rain was falling there as well. She would be waking up, she would bat her lashes at the moon, with strawberry hair streaming down to her waist. Her face would be shining like the sun and she would never remember him. It would be like amnesia, she would forget everything once the sun rose from the hills of Lemuria, where the Angels sung in crystal spheres. He would never forget Angela's light. He could never let go of his creation.

The moon was rising, and Justin watched the path lazily over the horizon. It grew softer as the haze of moonlight drifted through winter's cool embrace. With one last glance toward the reflecting path, he took to the moon's deluge. As he walked along the crystal blue path towards a place with no reflection, thoughts of his lover weighed heavily on his gait. He wished he could bring Angela with him along this path of bright awe and splender. She had been captured by the dark Dragons of Midnight, who promised to release the prisoners of Time if she would grant her last kiss to the King of Midnight, As those cold lips touched down to the lost world below, Justin longed to bring her home to his world.

Half a world away, the ruin of the past beckoned him to journey to a wonderful palace of memories. But justice betrayed him, and he fell to his knees pleading..the spine tingling monsters feasted upon his flesh of fury, and he wept for the lost love and beauty that he had found. Angela was dead, the dream continued. The world blind to her power, to his fate. To a lost voice.

She knelt in the wasteland, hands holding a crucifix. Then she placed the bowl upon the heap of trash and dirt, where flowers could wither and dreams deferr. The bowl held a secret no one would ever know, and with this secret--the world transformed into paradise long ago--in a time where dreams could be molded as clay, and children never grew up. That's where Justin found Trista, Marsi and Angela in the folds of time, where he molded his childhood. Where he turned his imaginary friends into walking beings of consciousness. Justin was their creator, and save for Trista, no one would ever know their own God.

The bowl held life itself, the bowl held Neverland, and as the moon shined upon the sacred bowl, Neverland spilled into reality, and with it came the Dragons and with it came Angela's revenge. Minds raced to find a plot upon the thread of life but Angela held the key and with her death sprung Eons of wonder and darkness, that was until Justin came back to Earth to awaken the Light that had long since been lost forever.