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10-21-2012, 02:45 PM
21st Oct 2012
Lethal Poison


I have no mind for you

(Go cry on someone elseís shoulder!)

No desire left to see beyond the crucifixion

(Donít you wish you killed each other!)

I have no words for you beyond fiction

(Itís the end of oblivion tonight!)

I have only love for you

(Goddammit! You fucking whore!)

Pure and simple, sacrificial

(Take your pick, play it right!)

Only my eyes are dry from no tears cried

(Stupid superficial saturnine!)

I swear to God I couldíve died.

(I have no mind for you!)

These nails go straight through

Thereís only a piece of me

twisting and tasting and touching you

Scarred for living, scarred for believing

Endless time for a psychic crime

Twisting, fading, bleeding hating

(Bleed for me. Bleed over me.

(Run through me, bleed through me

Scream with me, dream for me to recover

Because now the shade only suffers

I believe in lethal insanity

10-30-2012, 10:18 AM
Afraid to breathe
Afraid to blink
Cheshire smears
Plastic tears
Empty cups, take it away
The bottle is ready
The levees are waiting
Break me with your
Observant stare
I pushed you away
You tore me down
Smile you harlot clown
You have no way back from here
You are cursed my dear
Too close to it all to fall
You wish you had a bullet
For every tear I shed
You watched me bleed away
All the dreams you'd left
And in this silly nursery
You reveled in stealing my stability
You took my flesh
And made it yours
And with my lover
Cursed! With your voodoo
Smiles reflecting your past affairs
Cross the killer
but who dares?
You guilt trip and convey
Every inch of pain in me
You're the very depth of me
The one I can no longer use
The eye you slashed
To simply breathe this abuse.