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10-24-2012, 11:54 PM
Trick or Truce

by Gabrielle B-G
October 2012

Ok, first thing's first. Don't ever trust a vampire. Rule number one, never trust a vampire, especially not with your life. The story I'm about to tell you is very scary, and hopefully it will inspire you to use your wits more often than not. Because don't you know that there are still vampires in West Virginia? You probably didn't because you've been lied to by the government. They are everywhere! Texas, Utah, Wyoming, Pakistan, Brazil, and even Shepherdstown where they secretly congregate and perform darkly devious spells on my Ex's behalf.

Another secret, that you probably would never find out, is that the Illuminati is centralized as an authority on the subject matter. In the Middle East, they are not after oil as you might be led to believe, but blood and lots of it--the blood of the innocent, to feed to their new Savior. It's all about the Immorality folks. So step in line for your second coming, it's happening right now. And last but not least, you may not know that I come from a long line of Vampires, dating back to Lilith. The Hindus named me Aya Deva of the new millennium. Goddess or sacrificial virgin, take your pic.

Don't be fooled into thinking that Vampires feed off of destruction and the suffering of others--that is their biggest source of pride because Vampires cannot feel. Vampires are nothing but the epitome of the most beautiful, cruel, and biggest leap humans have ever made through the course of time. Our next step toward perfect. Alas, what if that was a lie? What if the world was already perfect? Well look around you, we're destroying it like cancer. No, humans were cursed from day one, which is why Adam fell and why Eve was stuck putting back all the pieces after she apologized for something she was accused of. You see, the real story gee wiz is a lot shorter than the Bible. Lilith simply fell in love with another man, Lucifer, and Adam tore Lucifer to pieces. And lucifer was actually a woman. To make matters worse, Eve is Lilith's sister. So yeah, lots of drama led to Hell and vampires and such. But that's another story for another leap year.

If we're gonna get to paradise then we need to see beyond the fixation with matter, and realize that blood is no tool for a fool to meddle in. God gave us life, blood, and magic, then he took it away because he is what's to come, and he can see ahead unlike most of us apes. And God is still alive, by the way. And Mary was their child, and Jesus was their son. And they were Vampires! But God wanted nothing to do with it, he was a Giant. He wanted humans and nature to co-exist because we needed to work together to build the spaceship to mars, and we did...and then we came back, and we're still vampires!!

I just don't know how to be a vampire anymore, because my ex has stalked me for far too long, and I do not want to wake him up. So instead I surround myself with other vampires who haven't been turned yet, and attempt to turn them so they can turn me back...because this vampire drama is really what gives me the chills. Vampires cutting off heads, vampires shooting guns at little kids, vampires listening to savage garden and gothic rock as they blow people up on their army intelligence playstation made by sony. Yeah, IDK wtf I am talking about---but these vampires sure are a trip. As for immortality, so long cruel bleak rock. I choose air. It moves.

rusty shackleford
10-25-2012, 02:38 AM
Well if you need a human to occupy your time I'm up for some tea....or blood?

10-30-2012, 10:12 AM
:) thnx