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11-09-2012, 04:03 PM
you have cut me off like a bad habit
and I stare here at the mirror
wondering if they are here yet...
so I laugh, and I sing about it happily
reminiscing our true history
like the time, I pulled you away
from the crazy homeless guy

and we were drunk all night and day
and I swore I'd change the hate
I was on my way to hell so fast
You called me on the phone
told me to come back to go home
"we came together..." I do not regret
Being friends with someone that
saved my life so many times

Though I tried, I am guilty
You watched me tripping away
Stumbling like alice
But my mission as clear as day

I tried defending myself to the grand jury
They say I am to blame for your acclaim
and that I've turned you strange
oh how these seasons have changed
no more drunken vexation

I am done with this asphyxiation
though you told me not to come up
from drowning, here I am smiling
you say I am a loser, a waste, a fiend
they say I'm a victim, a lover, a friend
you say I'm not someone you trust
as your words turn mine to dust

But through this pain comes rising flames
And through the ashes a revolution
revealing the truth, that although you hate me
now, your friendship was worth it to grow
I am all the better for my pain

While losing my pride was no easy gain
I'm not sorry for the blame
You told me never to apologize
So while your criticism's not in vain
At least I learned to open my eyes.

11-10-2012, 02:18 PM
Crystal Eyes

Maybe the world turns
As if bright crystal eyes
Could see fire for fire
She runs her hands cross time

Angelic visionaries
Cannot escape starry wind
The tides of change
Moon watching gaily from above

Sending arrows of love
To those who see
The telescope may betray
The words they used to say

Look within my friend
A beginning and an end

11-10-2012, 02:19 PM
Charmed fragrant leaves unfold
tear streaked belladonna
Wishing upon scarred moonbeams
You rise up from bleeding stars

A brightness so illuminating
You can be seen from every seat
In a Paradise of Dreams

I lost you to the circus of light
I pray someday you will come down
From the lost theater in the sky
Where the clowns and princes all alike
Smile down on the little goddess
With prickly thorns in her wings

Dancing like a flower in wing,
one rose, one dagger is tossed
To the carnival in the streets
Where Paradise was almost lost
Where Gaia and Goddess meet

A lonely traveler strums a tune
One single note of remembrance
For the belladonna whose beauty
Poisoned Gods with lust

I will always remember your grace
the song in your lips, the kiss and her taste
The Great Tree where nature's beasts
Flew away into starry winds, to sights unknown

Your withered shadows remain
Etched upon the hill where you'll lay
My smiling Belladonna, come down I pray

11-14-2012, 08:47 PM

Sketched tonight. I feel like I've captured some of the emotion.


11-14-2012, 09:00 PM

I was happy to be published in January in Underground Voices Magazine. Check out the link to the website for more great art and writing!



Great Mad World

Momma is laughing
hysterical paints smeared
in van gogh delirium
that she should sell
if she knew well

because her art's so beautiful

Momma is drifting
in and out and in
of broken verbal rubbish
And she dreams in
sillouhettes of her
family's past

She forgets sometimes
the pain of leaving life behind
her smiling children
who never stopped believing
but her curse is madness
and a madness misunderstood
no one can help her
but some of us would.

Now it's like we've lost
all the things that kept us together
as she walks away
she has to somehow remember
how many tears we did cry
just to get here.

Gabrielle BG is twenty-one and lives in Shepherdstown, WV. She has been writing for over five years. Her short science fiction: The Endless Highway was featured in Aversion Magazine. She is currently working on publishing a memoir.