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Doom Juan
11-30-2012, 12:58 PM
These Impotent Messages…

…this can’t be happening to me. One minute I’m riding
the arse off another victory…banging her to ticker tape and
the sexy sound of my own sloganeering filling up the street,
the next: my ink is seized. My speeches: cancelled. While
I’m suspended without pay. Pending further inquiry by the CIA.
I won’t take this lying down. You’ll never take me, or the penis alive.
You’re an agent provocateur! I sneer. We will not be coming quietly.

I leap from the bed, waving my replica handgun like a badge of
office. Sit in the chair I command you, and you do as I tell you.
Then I tie you securely to the chair, with your own tongue. I’m
gonna stick this up inside you I say, pointing to my gun. Teach you
spies how to fuck with me properly. The way I like it baby. Yeah…

no… the SAS arrive. Tear gas fizzes in through the window…army
men, who look like your ex-boyfriend, to the rescue. The toilet seat
breaks. The floor cracks. A struggle ensues. The hostage gets shot.
Cats start to die in the street. So the rats rise up. Jesus arrives, with
bad news for everyone. We laugh. We cry. We all have a singsong.
I start to worry about my old records. I promise to be good. I convert to
Christianity. I can no longer feel my balls. The light fails. My dick dies. The world ends.


12-02-2012, 09:21 PM
They let you write from jail? Wow I'm moving to the UK. Is this from your rape log?