View Full Version : This Strange Reality

12-05-2012, 09:22 PM
a light flickers,
movement stirs the sound of silence
a being comes down from a cloud above
you walk an endless stairway
not sure if you are going up or down
whose to say the past is not in front of us?
measure the distance from stars to your eyes
there is a beauty in every singular second
to create is to be free
to feel what you feel is to be free
stopping to see it for what it is
a canvas of your own to study
every teardrop is a galaxy's dream
even if you are alone, you are everyone
moving in a state of tranquil expression
expressing desires
our thoughts convey many things
but when we meditate
we open our minds to soft dreams
and when we listen deeply
a confidence stirs us to awakening
maybe no one's perfect
maybe no one's sure where they go
but one thing is certain, I know
people were meant to grow high enough
To touch the sky, to carry bundles of light
down to the sea, a lifeboat to keep us afloat
in this strange reality.