View Full Version : Little White Lies

12-08-2012, 12:54 AM
You came when he slipped another
smile into that drink
insipid and stupefied reasons to think
while being lulled to sleep

by the dumb waitress who cant even tell
she inhaled more than libel and speed
in her seasoned amphetamine sleep

I was waiting for her to crack
those eggs really needed to hatch
and america was always at its best because

the facts were always jacked by Fedex

no one really gets it today they say
you could really just blow him away
now they are alone in prescribed lullabies

wait...here comes the sound
of eggs dropping from the sky
wait...it was all one perfect lie
but dont ask for a paradise !

lets all sing to the next apology
because no one needs your f*cked up remedy
don't tell me I'm profound
while you treat me like your baby.

12-08-2012, 12:56 AM
Ugh.If you get it, then congrats because this was pure inspiration. I often wrote about drugs, romantic experiences, etc. through imagination. The poem is an allegorical reference to a failing society. It's based on a story about your ideal cookie-cutter drug addled workaholic mother whose child was thrown into this "remedial" system because of her failures to support him in the purest sense and then even more brainwashed, allows him to be prescribed the very substance which caused it, stimulants. Get it?

in the ideal society it wouldn't happen. I hope no one is offended. :)