View Full Version : Bottled

Doom Juan
12-09-2012, 08:51 AM

Everyone has their secrets. A stash of fortified wine
to consume when spirits fail them. Perhaps at the back
of the cupboard, or under the stairs, the laundry basket
maybe. They say for an emergency, but that will never
wash with me. In an emergency you break the glass not
cover it over with old blankets and clothes. That comes
later, with the shattered window, and you truly mean
to escape your bodied wreckage. Maybe your marriage
even. Anyway, my motherís ruin was the cowardice
that comes with cultivating any habit. Violent changes
force you to get on with it. Usually my father would
choose to ignore it, the poison, the problem. He would
distil the ire, the impulse, to run over the children and
make a break for the border - and then splash it around
with the boys in town. My mother could never do that.

Oh no. She bottled it.