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12-11-2012, 09:00 PM

forgive me, please...it's getting tiresome here
waking the dawn just to find she's gone away
where there was no relativity or day to save time
just an endless repeating, waves overlapping
like the ocean, like the moon lookin down
like there was some kinda reason or meaning
forgiven, please...I can't help you fix it...

I've been waiting, pacing spaces watching
but the more digging, useless fighting you see
so every word, distracted...contemplated reaction
becomes so convincingly me...so convinced
you might've caught a glimpse...a glimpse...of
me...it's because I am a constant epiphany
it's because I am the epiphany of "me"
it's because I am who I wanted to be

It's because you should stop controlling
here's a nice little f-cked up remedy
See me smile, a little DBT? personally..
I'd like to smash your teeth till there are three
Miss therapist psychiatrist...btch u dont get it
so I'm going to pretend now that we
Have been tying the noose on your history
Hi my name is schizophrenia...I hope you all
can suck that schizophrenia out of me.

Sincerely, thanks for all the extra therapy
a bipolar borderline adhd anomoly...
cuz you've been dosing such bad alchemy
from the next 21st century to this next false reality.
And the only reason I'm still here
Taking the pills, consuming the fear
Is because without me, in this system of insanity
I'd be somewhere else, I'd be so free...
But I'm sorry, It's just...that I don't like to be happy.

How's that for ambivalence..