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12-14-2012, 12:52 PM
MM mentioned the new stage show being an interpretation of this film:


...about a rock singer who starts a revolution via music/politics/drugs.
It does parallel the "Big Brother" motif in the current show.

I haven't watched the film, but the phrase "Fifteen And Ready" is used, and the movie itself took 15 days to shoot. Omgz, etc.

Who cares to analyze it?

12-14-2012, 01:39 PM
Not everyone's going to know, but the film has has been discussed by Manson for several years now. This is from my favourite interview in 1998, The Man Who Fell To Earth (http://www.providermodule.com/media/?v=i/1998/kerrang_sep19):-

Kerrang! - Can a rock star truly be so powerful?
Marilyn Manson - "I think so. As a kid, I was always taken by the film Wild In The Streets, where a rock star leads a revolution of teenage kids, takes over the world and makes all the adults live in these LSD concentration camps where they’re fed drugs every day and turned into vegetables. At the end of the film, a little boy asks the rock star how old he is, and the rock star realises that he has now become an adult and he is to be destroyed by his own standards.
I thought that was an interesting parallel to the way I have approached the whole pop star thing. Eventually I too will be destroyed by my own standards, but until then I will destroy as many people as I can. How seriously should you take me? [he half-smiles]
As seriously as you take yourself."

And another, from Kerrang! again, this time for Holy Wood (http://www.providermodule.com/media/?v=i/2000/kholywood):-

"The reason why there's a lot of fear surrounding Internet pornography, video games or violence in entertainment in general is simply because parents are no longer smarter than their children.
One of my favourite ever movies is called Wild In The Streets, where Christopher Jones is a rock star who runs for President and he takes everyone who is over 30 and puts them in a concentration camp with loads of LSD, but then of course, he himself turns 30. It's all very ironic, but it kind of illustrates the time that we're living in now. It's an allegory that could quite easily be applied to these times."

I think about five years ago, I had posts on the film on both the original Babalon and Heirophant forums. They're gone now, but the gist of it was referencing the '15 And Ready' sloganeering, and just observing general numerology/political posturing in keeping with the themes of The Triptych.
If I have a hunt around this weekend and find that I still have the notes or posts saved anywhere, then by all means I'll post them here, but I don't think I will any more. I know there was some image comparisons with the Antichrist podium, and a bit about a song from the film called The Shapes To Come, which I related to mOBSCENE - "we are the things of shapes to come" - but that's about all I can remember. I think the images are in a photobucket account someplace.

The Empirical Guy
12-14-2012, 03:39 PM
The microphone he is singing in to around the 1:30 mark is the same kind used in The Dope Show video, Manson having spoken about the film in 1998 means he was almost certainly aware of this.