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12-30-2012, 08:07 PM
Bella Broken - Poetry by Gabrielle A

Hers was his coffin...where they had haunted~
often climbing up an endless dark stair...to..
where he promised to keep..her safely
tucked under the... bella-luna-light...
she'd left him a note, for dreams tuned off key --
bodies that slept upon.. cloudless starry nights..
In their sweet soliloquy, under that silent sky.

A lonely winter-lude of almost mornings
where delinquency left unspent..dreams--
for all those leavings that crept up so silently..
black cherries who blossom'd in maddening...
She isn't crying ...no...she's choking...

Open your eyes, darling, I have no more lies
for your thirst-less kind --ones who tempted mine
And tomorrow will find me alone again, lost-
in my own wonder, whispering for peace..
as this wind mocks laughing
, because I was so broken...
She was once such a pretty melody
they laugh and sing...dance..
and still they keep..on haunting me...

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Very pretty!