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Alocia Darkstar
01-24-2013, 10:44 AM
Note from My Underground

And into dark places we'll go
What we'll find out, no body knows
The chaos is screaming inside.
Nothing is waiting to eat us alive.

Dancing in circles,
Calling the corners
Invoking the Pyramids of Time

I see you, I see you, your brown eyes
How they look into me, and how you look into Mine.

And they tell me I'm crazy just to tell me I'm sane
And then in my brain all I know is all the same.

There is no real you. There is no real me.
We're part of something larger, us three.

A dance in the darkness, The Devil arrives
He steals me, from your side, every time.
And I go with him, into dark traces
Tendrils of you making me feel like racing.

Blood boils at the scent of your skin
And I hear you in all that I do, in everything.

And you say that I'm boring that I'm not meant for you?
Well, hell, what the fuck? I don't give a shit, too.

If I cannot have you, no one will?
I say anyone who wants you should have you
And then maybe your shaking skeleton hands will still.

And I see you when I see me, looking in the mirror
Never fear, Embers is here, and all will fear us.

I eat the souls as I look into their eyes
And when they hurt me, they find their demise
They go back to sleep, to dream eternally.
Trapped on this rock, this piece in the sea

Until the sea swallows them whole, and we are just fine
We'll be just fine because this is all in my mind.

I created the labyrinth of my fears, tears, and scares
I traversed it, got to the center of it, and found it dear

I love dark things, I love the obscene.
I love to see all of the bright young things.

Alocia Darkstar
01-24-2013, 10:14 PM
Her Face, My Fate

Let's go in, inside the mind
And find what is there to find

And destroy the things we do not like
Lets put up, once and for all, a fight

Block out and overwrite the past
Let things go, you know this wont last.

And the darkness that eats at your face
Is like memories in the tears that trace
The lines down your face, the fate in your eyes

And you know something, sweetheart?
We have a surprise.
There's nothing behind those blue eyes.
Nothing but everything, a world of possibilities

And when you think, you know you scream
And so we offer you one final dream

Come with me into the places we scream
Scream with me and see how it seems

And destroy yourself, that ego on the shelf
And let yourself go, come to us child.

You've been away so long and we know the truth now
It was never your fault that you have a uni-brow

It was the things that those others did to you
Those things that invalidated and mutilated your soul

Underarms is a story you should tell,
Of the way Lucifer stroked your arms and saved you from hell

And then you fell, and you fell, and you fell,
An insect decaying in your little hell

And you made yourself sick just to poison me
If You can't have me then no one will

This is a promise I make to you all
If she dies, then so will you all.

She loves to laugh, to live, and experience
And nothing you do to her gives her any meaning

There's nothing behind this dancer's mask
Nothing aside from social-anxiety and panic attacks

A labyrinth built from mind fucking from so young.
She was 8 you see, when she first felt his tongue.

Her eyes open wide, wider than her mouth
As her mother fucked another and made her shout

And rapped in a lamb blanket, cowering in a chair
Her hair hiding from her mind what was there

And her mind knowing the need to be saved
Decided to fracture on that day.

And nothing anyone can do can save her from her fate
Her face is her face, her face is my fate.

Alocia Darkstar
01-25-2013, 08:17 PM
Dancing Underground

Purple sunshine dispersing, night surrounding me
I feel arms on my shoulders, a breath anew in me
Magick swirls around me, my cigarettes are calling
But all I want is your hands upon my neck, head tilting up

Your smile and hells eyes, my hells teeth and quivering lips
Tilt my head to the side and you bite instead
And I moan, I don't scream like the rest
In the darkness, onto my knees I fall

I see your smiling mind
I see your willing fall
I hear your groans of desire
As your hands touch mine

And I give in, to everything, and let you inside
the walls all down, no barrier in place
you take me by the string of my spine
And lead me into your head

Your eyes look into mine, seeing the torment I hide
My eyes dilate, knowing that for once, tonight
I can be your angel, you can be my god
And we can give each other love
Like never before seen in eternity

The music plays softly behind the scenes
Valentine evenings and bubble baths of bliss
Your lips, my lips, your tongue gives me a kiss
And I inhale deeper, and deeper still

Willing this to never stop, STEAL MY BREATH
I promise at the end of this, you ain't seen nothing yet.

You see I'm not really bad, just drawn your way
By the colors, by the sounds, by the masquerade
The flames and the beats and the spark in your eyes
Make my skin rise, and give me shocks and surprise

01-26-2013, 10:44 PM
I like your poems...a lot.

Alocia Darkstar
01-26-2013, 11:50 PM
I like your poems...a lot.

Thank you. I'll try to put some more up, as they come to me. :)

Alocia Darkstar
01-27-2013, 09:19 AM
Personality Nervosa

Stolen and ripped apart
And glued back together
My words are your words
The ghost of a message

Speak about birds and cages
Leather and eager eyes
And binary stars and how
Your words surpass all I surmise

Snake my way through memory passages,
Consuming what I want
Then discarding the packages-
Abusing what words you've given

Original and beautiful and Whole,
They run interference
Your words are my words
The flesh of my spirit

Doppelgang-banged into my words
Yes I've clipped your birds
I've hidden in your bone chambers
Rambled and rambled for ages

Abuse? No stranger to your words
Clawing at remarkable revelations-
You've even gotten my violation-
Betrayal and the blackened decisions

My words are your words
The ghost of a passage
Your words are my words--
But what is the message?

Are we Misanthrope and Dissatisfied?
Bred from anger and oxygen mask-es?
Truth compass askew, plans gone awry?
Or are we two who are one, on different sides?

Alocia Darkstar
01-27-2013, 09:19 AM
Swallowed Whole
Do I swallow this past I am choking on
Or force myself to move beyond
Nightmares are consuming me

Do I choke on the future I am swallowing?
Or make myself drown, transcending?
Fewer secrets whisper, slither, through me

Anger scalding skin, my eyes flickering
Opening up to old wounds I’d shut long ago
Hatred beckoning, questioning, screaming inside
Bursting skin asunder, going under
But not going down without a fight.

Alocia Darkstar
01-27-2013, 09:21 AM
Love Exchange

Tips of fingers caress nerveless flesh
Why are you unyielding?

And if I screamed until lung-collapse
Would you hear me?
Could you give in for just a moment
And let me win for once?
Tongue inside your moistless mouth
Is there nothing left to offer?
And if I stayed awake until sanity-lapse
Would you see me?
Could you care for any other,
And open up just for me?
Tears can only water your soul so much
Why can't I give you what you need?
And if I gave you worth, by the self-ounce
Would you be me?
Could you change your very being,
And exist for me?
Body fixation elevating my temperature
As Surely as yours drops away--
And if I woke in time to save you,
Would death take me instead?

Alocia Darkstar
01-27-2013, 09:23 AM
Night Child

There once was a girl, without human parts,
Surrounded, shrouded, alone in the dark.
Paled by light withdrawal, hidden away,
Nothing she tried could make anyone play-
Keeping night-child alone, always apart.

Did your daddy ever love you this well?
He ever stroke your arms, save you from hell?
"Oh my, baby, you have the darndest mouth,
You are beautiful, of that I'll vouch!
From sea-hued eyes to hair colored carmel."

"Quiet now child, you will wake the neighbors
Cling to me while you're willing and able
Hush now my darling child, nothing is wrong
You know I would never do you no harm.
Aw, kid, you shouldn't be this unstable."

"Please take off your clothing, please close your eyes
Naked is better, we have a surprise
You can trust us, good little angel girl
Don't cling to clothing like it is your world-
Daddy will help you unfasten those ties."

Let's play a new game with tiny candy
Making it interestingly dandy
Catapult the dots between daddy's lips
Using nothing, but that, between his hips
"Mommy, will these skills will come in handy?"

"There's nothing wrong with a special embrace
Using your lips, now, trail along his waist
Use your teeth, you will get better at it!
And please don't cry baby, don't throw a fit.
The tears only ruin your doll-like face."

What she needs- to finish what was started
Baby was left stricken, broken, parted
A little hole, with nothing left to fill
Her tiny throat now, a perplexity, still
Nothing can claim the violate-hearted
She still remembers his shattering glance
Of her and of you and him in her pants.
Her protests still echo through the halls
And he still claims, "I'm without blame for it all"-
Her cold eyes are empty in remembrance.
What? Are we all suffer-addicts?
Remembering him and her, so manic?
Her eyes are ablaze in victim-amazement.
While her cries are engraved in memory pavement
With a soundtrack of screaming turned static.

Alocia Darkstar
01-27-2013, 09:30 AM
Love Me Too

There is a stain on my teeth
of a little bit of you and a little bit of me.

And we scream in the leaves
and chase one another through a forest of never ending possibilities.

I can't hear your voice anymore but every time i
look into the mirror i see your smiling eyes back at me.

telling me to be to breathe.
that you'll be with me soon

and i can't believe that you are for me
and that i have wanted you longer than i've wanted to breathe.

the day i was 14 and i wanted to die, your voice is the voice who heard my cries.
and i magicked myself to crawl to you,
a training field in a battle ground of shades of grey.
And shades of red, black, and blue.

And i knew what you needed,
someone who would stay and stay and stay

who wouldn't condemn you for you
and who would love you for who you are too.

someone who smokes maybe, not cigarettes, but something greener.
someone who when you are with them, brings you even nearer.

i'll see you soon my angel of the dark.
you're more than anything anyone has ever thought.

and this is why i hold you.
this is why i give you what you are getting.

because i love you.
with my whole heart and
nothing will ever change this.

please stay with me. please love me.
please go with me wherever i will go.

and i will show you, in due time, all that will be yours...
because what is yours is always mine.

i love you, my eternity, i love you,
the stars in my sky. I love you,
words will always be spoken between you and i.

You may be other, but I am from the otherside.
And in our love may the world burst from the bonds
Of the insanity of the masses and negativity.

I love... I love.. I love...
Do you love me too?