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01-26-2013, 02:24 PM
So recently I've gotten more into the writing of Vladmir Nabakov; Lolita is my favorite novel, but I had yet to read anything else by him. There were obviously plenty of parallels between that novel and the album Eat Me, Drink Me, many of which Manson himself has pointed out (as well as parallels between it and the film adaptation). The line "This is only a game" appears in the novel, as well as the theme of an older man finding obsession in a younger woman, the theme of attempting to escape the world through romance and the theme of tragedy in love. However, in the title track EAT ME, DRINK ME the lines "I was invited to a beheading today" are an allusion to Nabakov's novel Invitation to a Beheading. Having loved Lolita as much as I did, and being amongst the part of the fan-base that regards EMDM higher than most, I decided to order the novel and give it a read. I won't give much of a review here, but it was definitely enjoyable, albeit not as much as Lolita. Be that as it may, I'm really interested in seeing what parallels the novel and EMDM have and what specifically may have led to that reference in the album.

In short, Invitation... is about a prisoner being given the death penalty and waiting for his execution without any sense of a time table. He is constantly self-absorbed and depressed (rightfully so) while being anti-social with those surrounding him, all of whom disregard the thought of his feelings or opinions and simply using him as either a tool for amusement or a way to share their own thoughts. He is often ignored and uncared for, and in turn has the exact same attitude towards those around him. To me, this theme somewhat mirrors the way that Manson has mentioned feeling during the era that EMDM encapsulated; in many interviews he mentioned the strong sense of isolation after his divorce and the feeling of being disregarded by those close to him.

Something else in the novel that I find somewhat parallels EMDM is that the narrator, at the end of his life, immediately before being executed, mentally blocks out the world and runs off in the distance where shadowy figures described as being like him stand waiting, implying his acceptance of death while simultaneously rejecting it all at once. With EMDM there's a constant theme of Manson running away from the world with Evan, with escapism being a constant echo in every song.

While reading it I tried to not focus on EMDM and instead on the book itself, but these things really hit me as connecting to it. If I'm wrong, oh well, but hey, it's part of the fun of liking MM, isn't it? I've yet to read any other of Nabakov's books but intend on doing so, and if anyone has and can see any more connections then by all means feel free to contribute. I'd love to hear what people think and how Manson's work connects with Nabakov's, especially if anyone has any theories/ideas on how Invitation... ties in with the title track, or any ties to Lolita that haven't been pointed out before.

M Tragedy666
01-26-2013, 06:27 PM
Interesting... I had always assumed the line "I was invited to a beheading today", was an Alice In Wonderland reference. "Off with her head!". It could be another double reference as Manson is known to do I guess..

Over neath Man
07-30-2015, 06:14 AM
Despair and Laughter in the Dark seem to be two other works by Nabakov that inspired Manson during EMDM. The last scene in Despair reminds me of the title track immensely.