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02-18-2013, 05:09 PM
i dont think this exists yet, but it seems a bit surprising to me that it doesnt.

What i intend by this thread, is to gather, throughout the whole of his career, all associations, or references or allusions to charles manson, marilyn manson has made.

there are some that area obvious of course. such as the usage of charles manson lyrics in my monkey, and the name of the band and vocalist himself. But are there any deeper or more subtle references, or more recent references to the convict in marilyn mansons work?

03-11-2013, 08:27 AM
-) The title, Dune Buggy, was inspired by the story about Charles Manson and company and the Satan's Spawns bikers stealing cars and converting them into dune buggies. The sound sample at the beginning I believe is from a movie.

-) I know you already mentioned My Monkey, but I'd just like to say that the samples used from interviews with Charles Manson in each version of this song were very elaborate and well-thought out.

-)The 1992 demo tape, The Family Jams, was named after Charles Manson's band; who yielded two albums--one in 1967 (But named years later) and another after Charles went to prison, done by the rest of the band.



-) The intro to the original Dope Hat:

inerviewer: "...Manson Family, your friends?"

Charles Manson: " 'The Manson Family' was a music group. The music group I had was called The Family Jams, and all the girls sang in the music group, and all the guys played in the music group. It had nothing to do with a cult, it was a music group."

You'd better bow down, disco, because I'm taking your heart away.

--Charles Manson
And I'll put down your disco, and take your heart away.

--Marilyn Manson, Born Again

Anyways, that's all I could come up with off the top of my head.