View Full Version : EdwardCurrent & DarkMatter2525

Halo Infinity
02-20-2013, 02:20 PM
Now I know I've made a thread for general political and religious satire, but these two are by far my most favorite religious and sometimes political satirists of all time on YouTube. I've been following EdwardCurrent ever since this cartoon of his. I also thought that I'd put these two users in the same thread in order to keep things simple as well.


I also like how he pretends to act as a theologian, evangelist, pastor and overall fundamentalist. Some of the comments reveal that some people still think he's serious to this day.


As for DarkMatter2525, these were some of his videos that got me interested.



I also thought that I'd stop right here before I get carried away and post far too many videos at once in a single post. I hope you enjoy their videos as much as I did, or even more for that matter.