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02-24-2013, 10:21 AM

"I'm more like a silver bullet, than I'm like a gun" - Now imagine that Marilyn Manson is a locomotive and he is careening like Casey Jones at a deadly pace across the railways of our respective countrysides, only us fans are the trestle. How much support do we provide him? We are the mortar and the pillars that keep him from going off the tracks and crashing into the bowels of Hell. He's even gone as far as to stab cans of Coors Light onstage with his knife mic as he celebrates being sober for the past three seconds. There is definitely progress being made here. He is already 12 heartbeats ahead of us waiting to catch our fall in case we cannot handle the weight of his loaded crashmobile. Instead of suicide, he is reaching out to us as fans to be there for him now, as he has always been there for us. Remember, as he states at every show, he doesn't always drink beer...but for him to continue being the most interesting man in the world we MUST keep digging deeper into the rabbit hole until we dig ourselves out on the greener side, together as one.

02-24-2013, 10:28 AM
I don't get where you're going with this.

02-24-2013, 10:46 AM
Think. I am not going to make it obvious as every other person who posts in here desperately does.

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It's just a lil thing called Jabberwocky.

“Your flabby potion is a mixture of the lies of Liberalism, the poor froth blown off the decadent Nineties, the wardrobe-leavings of a vulgar bohemianism…. You are concentrated, highly-organised barley water; there is nothing in the universe to be said for you: any efficient state would confiscate your property, burn your wardrobe – that old hat and the rest – as infectious, and prohibit you from propagating. A breed of mild pervasive cabbages has set up a wide and creeping rot in the West… that any resolute power will be able to wipe up over night with its eyes shut. Your kind meantime make it indirectly a period of tribulation for live things to remain in your neighbourhood. You are systemis-ing the vulgarising the individual: you are the advance copy of communism, a false millennial middle-class communism. You are not an individual: you have. I repeat, no right to that hair and to that hat: you are trying to have the apple and eat it too You should be in uniform and at work. NOT uniformly OUT OF UNIFORM and libelling the Artist by your idleness. Are you idle? The only justification of your slovenly appearance it is true is that it’s perfectly emblematic.” - Wyndham Lewis

Through the looking monitor. What will you find here?

This isn't about being cryptic, or even informative. This is one of the reasons I call the Analyses forum the "Church Box". People want answers to what everything Marilyn Manson says or does in the same fashion people go to Bible studies. It's like spiking the service wine reserved the thought free prophets. Smoke and mirrors. Marilyn Manson is a reflection of what he sees in his audience. We are tying up the end of an era that was about confusion and people still feel the need understand the concept behind it. There is no concept. When you've been around long enough and have figured out what MM represents long before our current generations of fans are trying to do, you are entitled to sit back and subvert their efforts because there is nothing else new to cover.