View Full Version : ~*~ My Sorta Rap Song ~*~

04-03-2013, 10:19 PM
God, he's there and he's waiting for us to come down
Explain ourselves and say what took so long
I am running out of reasons every day to get by
Every broken promise another reason to get high

He said his revenge was written in blood
He's no one you'd want to fall for when you're down
He'll spin your dreams and twist them around
Wasted his dick on your ex, man that's sick

Can't say I felt sad when his shallow ass hit the ground
I don't have much to say, when schizophrenia got in the way
But you don't know, mind's bigger than you could blow
Just hide under the covers, lovers, but there's nothing there

God, he's somewhere and he's waiting for you to be found
Where are the people with intelligence, seen them around?
They're running the nation, they're watching the TV
Can't believe I'm not on this tv station, they programmed me

To believe i was broken, when I'm still candy flipping and toking
Nothing changed, the world around me just got a lil deranged
God, can you hold me up higher, I'll be your sacrificial diva
I'll show you all what they didn't teach you in America.